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Compressed Video Communications - Sadka A.

Sadka A. Compressed Video Communications - John Wiley & Sons, 2002. - 283 p.
ISBN: 0-470-84312-8
Download (direct link): compressedvideo2002.pdf
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6.14 Video Transcoding for Error-reslience Purposes 243
6.15 Video Transcoding for Multimedia Traffic Planning 248
6.16 Conclusions 252
6.17 References 252
Appendix A Layering syntax of ITU-T H.263 video coding standard 257
Appendix B Description of the video clips on the supplementary CD 265
Glossary of Terms 270
Index 274
This book examines the technologies underlying the compression and transmission of digital video sequences over networking platforms. The incorporated study covers a large spectrum of topics related to compressed video communications. It presents to readers a comprehensive and structured analysis of the issues encountered in the transmission of compressed video streams over networking environments. This analysis identifies the problems impeding the progress of compressed video communication technologies and impairing the quality of networked video services; it also presents a wide range of solutions that would help in the quality optimisation of video communication services. The book is a unique reference in which the author has combined the discussions of several topics related to digital video technology such as compression, error resilience, rate control, video transmission over mobile networks and transcoding. All the techniques, algorithms, tools and mechanisms connected to the provision of video communication services are explained and analysed from the application layer down to the transport and network layers. The description of these technologies is accompanied by a large number of video subjective and objective results in order to help graduate students, engineers and digital video researchers make the best understanding of the presented material and build a comprehensive view on the progress of this rather fertile and exciting field of technology. A number of video clips have also been prepared and put at the disposal of readers on the supplementary CD in order to back up the results depicted and conclusions reached within the book chapters.
Abdul H. Sadka
The author would like to thank his research assistants, namely Dr S. Dogan for his valuable contribution to Chapter 6, and both Dr S. Dogan and Dr S. Worrall for their assistance with preparing the video clips on the supplementary CD. Particular thanks also go to our computing staff for their understanding and cooperation in dealing with persistent requests for extra video storage space and processing power.
About the Author
Dr Sadka obtained a PhD in Electrical & Electronic Engineering from the University of Surrey in 1997, an MSc with distinction in Computer Engineering from the Middle East Technical University in 1993, and a BSc in Computer and Communications Engineering from the American University of Beirut in 1990. In October 1997, he became a lecturer in Multimedia Communication Systems in the Centre for Communication Systems Research at the University of Surrey, and has been a member of the academic staff of the university since then.
He and his researchers have pioneered work on various aspects of video coding and transcoding, error resilience techniques in video communications and video transmissions over networks. His work in this area has resulted in numerous novel techniques for error and flow control in digital video communications. He has contributed to several short courses delivered to UK industry on various aspects of media compression and multimedia communication systems. He served on the program, advisory and technical committees of various specialised international conferences and workshops. He acts as consultant on image/video compression and mobile video communications to potential companies in the UK Telecommunications industry. He is well supported by the industry in the form of research projects and consultancy contracts. He runs a private consultancy company VIDCOM.
Dr Sadka is the instigator of numerous funded projects covering a wide spectrum of multimedia communications. He has been serving as a referee to a number of IEE Transactions and IEE Electronics Letters since 1997. He has 2 patents filed in the area of video compression and mobile video systems and over 40 publications in peer refereed conferences and journals, in addition to several contributions to multi-authored books on mobile multimedia communications in the UK and abroad. He is a member of the IEE and a chartered electrical engineer.
Compressed Video Communications Abdul Sadka
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