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Connection Oriented Networks - Perros H.G

Perros H.G Connection Oriented Networks - John Wiley & Sons, 2005. - 359 p.
ISBN 0-470-02163-2
Download (direct link): connectionorientednetworks2005.pdf
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LSR label switching router
LWPF low water peak fiber
MBS maximum burst size
MCR minimum cell rate
MEMS micro electronic mechanical systems
MFAS multi-frame alignment signal
MFS maximum frame size
MIN multistage interconnection network
MMBP Markov modulated Bernoulli process
MMPP Markov modulated Poisson process
MPLS multi-protocol label switching
MSC message switching center
MTP message transfer part
MTU maximum transfer unit
NAS network access server
NDF negative dispersion fiber
NHLFE next hop label forwarding entry
N-ISDN narrowband ISDN
NNI network node interface
nrtPS non-real-time polling service
NRT-SBR non-real-time statistical bit rate
NRT-VBR non-real-time variable bit rate
NSAP network service access point
NSP network service provider
NTR network timing reference
NZDF non-zero dispersion fiber
OADM optical add/drop multiplexer
OAM operations, administration, maintenance
OBS optical burst switching
OC optical carrier
Och optical channel
ODU Och data unit
OIF Optical Internetworking Forum
OLSA optical LSA
OLT optical line terminator
OMS optical multiplex section
ONT optical network terminator
ONU optical network unit
OPS optical packet switching
OPU Och payload unit
OQoS optical QoS
OSF offset field
OSI open system interconnection reference model
OSPF open shortest path first
OTN optical transport network
OTS optical transmission section
OUPSR optical unidirectional path sharing ring
OUT Och transport unit
OXC optical cross connect
PBS peak burst size
PBX private branch exchange
PCM pulse code modulation
PCR peak cell rate
PDH plesiochronous digital hierarchy
PDR peak data rate
PDU protocol data unit
PE provider edge
PFI payload FCS indicator
P-frame predictive-coded frame
PIM protocol independent multicast
PLI payload length indicator
PLOAM physical layer OAM
PMD physical medium dependent sublayer
PNNI private network-network interface or private network node interface
POF plastic optical fibers
POH payload overhead
PON passive optical network
POP point of presence
PoS packet over SONET
PPD partial packet discard
PPP point-to-point protocol
PPT packet payload
PSC packet-switch capable interface
PSTN public switched telephone network
PTI payload type indicator
PVC permanent virtual connection
QAM quadrature amplitude modulation
QoS quality of service
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