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Dreamweaver mx 2004 bible - Lowery J.W.

Lowery J.W. Dreamweaver mx 2004 bible - wiley publishing , 2004. - 1227 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-4350-4
Download (direct link): dreamweavermxbible2004.pdf
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Figure 30-7: Get immediate access to previously created Design Notes by doubleclicking the icon in the Notes column.
944 Part VI Enhancing Web Site Management and Workflow
With custom columns in the File view, a quick glance at the Files panel can reveal which files are completed, which are in revision, and which need attention. Moreover, custom columns may be sorted, just as regular columns. You can, for instance, easily group together all the files with the same due date, or those coded by the same programmer. File view columns even the built-in ones such as Type and Modified may be re-aligned, re-ordered, or hidden. Only the Name column may not be altered or moved. With this level of customization possible, virtually the entire File view can be reshaped, like the one in Figure 30-8.
The six standard columns Local Files (which shows the filename), Notes, Size, Type, Modified, and Checked Out By may be supplemented by any number of custom columns. Modification of the column set-up is handled in the File View Columns category of the Site Definition dialog box. File views are managed on a per-site basis; when defining the file views, you can determine if the views are to be seen by anyone accessing the development site. Likewise, any custom column may optionally be shared among team members.
To create a custom File view, follow these steps:
1. Open the File View Columns category with one of these methods:
Select Manage Sites and open the Site Definition for the desired site. Then select the File View Column option from the category list.
Choose View File View Columns from the Files panel on Windows systems or choose Site Site Files View File View Columns on the Macintosh.
2. If youd like team members to see the custom columns youre developing, select Enable Column Sharing. You also need to choose the Share with All Users of this Site option for each custom column you want to share.
Figure 30-8: File view columns can be substantially reorganized to reflect the concerns of your team on a project-by-project basis.
Chapter 30 Building Web Sites with a Team 945
3. To add a custom column, click the Add (+) button. A new entry at the end of the list is created.
4. Enter a unique name for the column in the Column Name field. If you enter an existing name, Dreamweaver warns you and requests a new name before proceeding.
5. Pick a Design Note field to link to the new column from the Associate with Design Note list. You can choose one of the suggested Design Note fields (assigned, due, priority, or status) or you can enter your own. Design Note fields may be uppercase, lowercase, or mixed-case; multiple words are also allowed.
6. Select an Alignment option from the list: Left, Center, or Right. Columns that hold numeric or date values should be aligned to the right.
7. Make sure the Show option is selected.
8. To share this column with fellow team members, choose the Share with All Users of this Site option. Selecting this option causes Dreamweaver to create a file called dwSiteColumnsAll.xml within the _notes folder on the remote site. When another member of your team connects to the site, Dreamweaver reads this file and incorporates it into that persons site definition. This enables any other user to see the same column set up on his or her system.
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