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Information Technology Outsorcing Transaction - Halvey K.J.

Halvey K.J. Information Technology Outsorcing Transaction - Wiley Publishing, 2005. - 649 p.
ISBN-10 0-471-45949-6
Download (direct link): informationoutsourcingtransactions2005.pdf
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109. Clarian Health Partners Cap Gemini Ernst & Young US llc $100 Assume responsibility for existing applications and infrastructure and implement the best available information technology solutions
110. Coca-Cola FEMSA eds Support servers, WANs, desktop computing, handheld terminals and help-desk functions
111. Commerciant eds $18 5 Transaction processing services
112. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania eds $100 Administrative and operational processes that support Pennsylvania's Medicaid program
113. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania IBM $550 7 Combine data centers into one centralized data center and provide ongoing management and operational support
114. Commonwealth of Virginia ACS Desktop personal computers
115. Computing Devices Canada csc $68 10 Applications, desktops, help desk, network operations, and servers
116. Con Edison Communications Compaq Computer Corporation Advanced network and services management solutions
117. Continental Airlines eds $1,000 Inter-airline electronic ticketing and check-in
118. Continental Tire North America Inc. Siemens Business Services, Inc. $6 SAP application hosting and IT architecture upgrades
119. Co-Operators General Insurance Company CGI Group, Inc. CDN$100 5 All support services for the data center and the wide-area network
120. Coors Brewing Company eds
Exhibit 1.1 (Continued) IT Outsourcing Deals
1.3 IT Outsourcing Deals 15
121. County of San Diego Pennant Alliance (a CSC-led consortium) $644 7 Information and telecommunications services
122. County of Solano, California ACS 3 Application support, project management, data center management, LAN, and data communications support of the county's web portal
123. Covisint eds Global customer service support
124. Cox Insurance cgi $246 10 Entire IT infrastructure, including desktops and application support; 200 Cox employees transferred
125. CP Kelco Cap Gemini Ernst & Young US LLP 5 Consolidate multiple SAP instances onto a single SAP platform as well as providing ongoing IT outsourcing services for applications management and infrastructure management
126. Cullen/Frost Bankers Inc. ALLTEL Information Services $28
127. CVS Corporation AT&T Virtual private network
128. Cygnifi csc 3 Application infrastructure support services
129. d&b csc $560 10
130. Dah Sing Bank Limited IBM China/Hong Kong Limited $30 7 Data center operations
131. Daishi Bank Ltd. IBM $270 10 Manage development, maintenance, and operations of its information systems
132. Daughters of Charity Health System Perot Systems Corporation $60 7 Infrastructure, applications, help desk, intranet Web development and project management services
133. Defense Finance and Accounting Service csc $150 5 Technical support services
134. Defense Finance and Accounting Service—Kansas City csc $75 5 Software and systems services
135. Defense Information System Agency Northrop Grumman Corporation $300 7
Exhibit 1.1 (Continued) IT Outsourcing Deals
16 Ch. 1 Overview of the IT Outsourcing Industry
136. Defense Information Systems Agency csc $225 7
137. Defense Information Systems Agency csc $1,500 5 Full range of IT solutions and professional services
138. Defense Technical Information Center DynCorp Information Systems, llc $25 Web architecture, application development, Web site development, systems and database administrative support
139. Defense's Worldwide tricare Information Center Northrop Grum-man Corporation Operations support including administrative and management services, systems development, and call center support
140. Del Monte Foods Company eds 10 Applications development, manage midrange servers and networks, and provide managed application workspace services
141. Delaware Department of Health and Social Services ACS Enterprise Data Warehouse/ Decision Support System
142. Dell Computer Corporation IBM $6,000 7 Computer-related services
143. Delphi Automotive Systems eds Support IT systems, desktops, servers, and routers
144. Department of Defense Military Health System saic $4.1 1 Design, develop, test, and deploy web portal
145. Department of Education saic $70 1
146. Department of Justice DynCorp and Verizon Enterprise Solutions $300 6 Hardware maintenance, software technical support and help desk to asset/configuration management, UNIX operating system administration, and operations support
147. Department of Transportation Booz Allen Hamilton $10,000 7 Information Technology Onmibus Procurement
148. Department of Veterans Affairs Northrop Grumman Corporation $650 10
149. Detroit Medical Center Compuware Corporation $1,000 10 Responsibility for 100% of IS program
150. Detroit Public Schools Compuware Corporation $15 IT services for critical business systems
151. Deutsche Bank eds
Exhibit 1.1 (Continued) IT Outsourcing Deals
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