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SIP Communications for dummies PC1 - Gregory P

Gregory P SIP Communications for dummies PC1 - Wiley publishing , 2006. - 74 p.
ISBN-10: 0-470-04149-8
Download (direct link): sipfordummies2006.pdf
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At the foundation of SIPís philosophy is the concept that intelligence should reside in the endpoint. This concept is evident in SIPís native ability to support peer-to-peer communications. Peer-to-peer environments donít rely on communications servers, gateways, or other intermediate devices to support communications between users.
Peer-to-peer SIP networks are easy to set up and administer yet can include features such as automated attendant, voice mail, and three-party conferencing. This architecture is best exemplified by Avayaís Quick Edition solutions. We explain this in detail in Parts 4 and 6.
64 SIP Communications For Dummies, Avaya Custom Edition___
Creation of New Services
SIP is a structured, text-based protocol that is modeled after HTTP, or HyperText Transport Protocol, the language that powers the World Wide Web. SIP opens the door to a much larger developer community than traditional CTI, and so offers your company the potential to create competitive advantages with intelligent communications.
Because SIP is based on HTTP, application developers and system engineers will have an easier time developing and integrating applications into their communications environments. Part 2 explains this more thoroughly.
Native Mobility
As more devices become SIP-capable, users will be able to pick up and go at will, but still communicate as if they were in their office. Their presence and readiness to communicate will still be visible to their buddies.
For example, SIPís awareness of a userís communication capabilities will aid international travelers who have to use different cell phones and other messaging devices and protocols in different countries. A caller trying to locate such a traveler need not know the travelerís availability or location: SIP by nature will know how a person can be reached, and facilitate the connection. Take a trip to Part 3 to find out more.
Ease of Implementation and Support
Because SIP is modeled after HTTP as a text-based language, it is easy to learn, troubleshoot, and support. From analyzing network packets to application code, SIPís structured language stands out so that IT people can understand and interpret it. But, if you need security, you can simply encrypt this easy-to-read information.
Streamline your system setup times and troubleshooting processes in no time. Turn to Part 5 if you want to learn more.
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* Separate Canadian edition also available t Separate U.K.edition also available
Available wherever books are sold. For more information or to order direct: U.S. customers visit or call 1-877-762-2974.
U.K. customers visit or call 0800 243407. Canadian customers
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