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Poker for Dummies - Harroch R.

Poker for Dummies

Author: Harroch R.
Publishers: Wiley publishing
Year of publication: 2003
Number of pages: 314
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Download: pokerfordumm2003.pdf

Poker for
By Richard D. Harroch and Lou Krieger
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1 Reference for the Rest of Us!
by Richard D. Harroch and Lou Krieger
Foreword by Chris Moneymaker Winner of the 2003 World Series of Poker
Wiley Publishing, Inc.
About the Authors
Lou Krieger learned poker at the tender age of 7, while standing at his father’s side during the weekly Thursday night game held at the Krieger kitchen table in the blue-collar Brooklyn neighborhood where they lived.
Lou played throughout high school and college and managed to keep his head above water only because the other players were so appallingly bad.
But it wasnt until his first visit to Las Vegas that he took poker seriously, buying into a low-limit Seven Card Stud game where he managed with a good deal of luck to break even.
While playing stud, he recalls, I noticed another game that looked eveil more interesting. It was Texas Holdem.
I watched the Holdem game for about 30 minutes, and sat down to play. One hour and $100 later, 1 was hooked. I didnt mind losing. It was the first time I played, and I expected to lose. But I didnt like feeling like a dummy so I bought and studied every poker book 1 could find.
“I studied; 1 played. 1 studied and played more. Before long 1 was winning regularly, and 1 haven’t had a losing year since 1 began keeping records.
In the early 1990s Lou Krieger began writing a column called On Strategy” for Card Player Magazine. He has also written two books about poker,
Hold’em Excellence: From Beginner to Winner and MORE Hold’em Excellence:
A Winner For Life.
When not writing about poker, Lou (who lives in Long Beach, California) can be found playing poker in the card casinos of Southern California.
Richard Harroch is an attorney with over 20 years of experience in representing start-up and emerging companies, entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists. He is listed in “Who’s Who in American Law” and is a corporate partner in a major law firm in San Francisco, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP. He is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of U.C. Berkeley and graduated from UCLA Law School, where he was managing editor of the Law Review. He has written a number of legal/business books, including The Small Business Kit For Dummies; Start-Up and Emerging Companies: Planning, Financing and Operating the Successful Business; and Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements. He also spearheaded the development of a premier legal-agree-ments Web site on the Internet.
He has lectured extensively before various legal and business organizations, including the American Electronics Association, the Venture Capital Institute, the California Continuing Education of the Bar, the Corporate Counsel Institute, the San Francisco Bar, and the Practicing Law Institute (PLI).
Richard has served as the Chairman of the California State Bar Committee on Partnerships, the Co-Chairman of the Corporations Committee of the San Francisco Bar (Barristers), a member of the Executive Committee of the Business Law Section of the California State Bar, and Co-Chair of the Law Journal annual seminar in New York on “Joint Ventures and Strategic Alliances.”
Richard has experience in the following areas: start-up and emerging companies, e-commerce, corporate firtancings, joint ventures, strategic alliances, venture capital financings, employment agreements, initial public offerings, leases, loans, online and Internet matters, license agreements, partnerships, preferred stock, confidentiality agreements, stock options, sales contracts, securities laws, and mergers and acquisitions.
Richard has participated a number of times in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas and is the co-author of Gambling For Dummies.
Authors' Acknowledgments
Books are always a collaborative effort. Never believe an author who tells you otherwise. Without the efforts of acquisitions editor Mark Butler, who believed in and nurtured this project for two years, this book would not have come to fruition.
Skilled editors are a wondrous breed, and the effort, assistance, and suggestions of senior project editor Tim Gallan, and copy editor Patricia Yuu Pan shaped this book into something we’re proud of. With dedication and talent, Tim and Patricia possessed the magic to make the authors appear more literate, wittier, and eminently more readable than they really are. '
We are also indebted to those who contributed their writing talent and poker know-how to this book: to poker’s “Mad Genius” Mike Caro for his work on “tells” — the body language of poker — and for many of the statistical tables and tips found throughout this book; to Nolan Dalla for his biographical sketches of poker legends past and present; to Dan Paymar for his information on video poker; to Kathy Watterson for her chapter on Internet poker and for showing you, the reader, how to use your personal computer to improve your poker skills; and to Linda Johnson for her foreword.
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