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Board Review Series - Fix J.D.

Fix J.D. Board Review Series - London, 1995. - 430 p.
Download (direct link): boardreviewseries1995.djvu
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CN IX, and CN X.
-transection (tractotomy) results in ipsilateral facial anesthesia, -
projects to the spinal trigeminal nucleus as follow s:
1. Pain fibers terminate in the caudal third of the spinal trigeminal

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Chapter 10 Trigeminal System I 167

2. Corneal reflex fibers terminate in the rostral two-thirds of the spinal
trigeminal nucleus.
II. Ascending Trigeminothalamic Tracts
—convey GSA information from the face, oral cavity, and dura mater to the
-consist of chains of three neurons, -have their first-order neurons, which
are pseudounipolar ganglion cells, in
the trigeminal ganglion and in the sensory ganglia of CN VII, CN IX, and
A. Ventral trigeminothalamic tract (Figure 10-2)
-serves as a pain, temperature, and light touch pathway from the face
and oral cavity.

Face area of
postcentral gyrus
Figure 10-2. Diagram of the ventral (pain and
temperature) and dorsal (discriminative touch)
trigeminothalamic pathways.
Post, limb of
internal capsule -
^-Ventral posteromedial
nucleus of thalamus
----Dorsal trigeminothalamic tract
Mesencephalic nucleus of CN V
/Principal sensory nucleus of
Sensory branch of CN V-1
Sensory branch of CN V-2
Sensory branch of CN V-3
Motor branch of CN V-3
Spinal trigeminal
Motor nucleus of CN V tract
Spinal trigeminal nucleus

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168 / Neuroanatomy
-contains GSA fibers from CN VII, CN IX, and CN X (ear and external
auditory meatus).
-receives input from free nerve endings and Merkel's tactile disks, -
receives discriminative tactile and pressure input from the contralateral
principal sensory nucleus of CN V, which terminates in the ventral pos-
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