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Board Review Series - Fix J.D.

Fix J.D. Board Review Series - London, 1995. - 430 p.
Download (direct link): boardreviewseries1995.djvu
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h. Motor nucleus of CN V
—lies in the lateral midpontine tegmentum at the level of entrance
of the trigeminal nerve, -lies medial to the principal sensory
nucleus of the trigeminal
-receives bilateral corticobulbar input.
—gives rise to SVE fibers that innervate muscles of masticationi..
Principal sensory nucleus of CN V -lies lateral to the motor nucleus
of CN V. -receives discriminative tactile and pressure sensation
input from
the face, -gives rise to trigeminothalamic fibers that join the
ventral trigeminothalamic tract, —gives rise to the uncrossed
dorsal trigeminothalamic tract, which
terminates in the ventral posteromedial nucleus of the thalamusj. .
Mesencephalic nucleus and tract of CN V (Figures 9-8 and 9-9; see
Figure 9-7) -extend from the upper pons to the upper midbr ain.

--------------------------------------- 61

154 / Neuroanatomy

Decussation of trochlear nn. CN IV
Commissure of inf. colliculus '; ICerebral aqueduct
Nucleus of inf. colliculus
Periaqueductal gray^ I /
Mesencephalic tract and
' / / Brachium of inf.
nucleus of CN V-^ colliculus
Locus ceruleus Mesencephalic tract and
nucleus of CN V
-Central tegmental tract - Trochlear nucleus of CN
IV ^ Lat. lemniscus Spinal
Decussation of sup. cerebellar
peduncles lemniscus
Medial lemniscus
Substantia nigra:
Pars reticularis \ Cerebral peduncle
Pars compacta (crus cerebri)
^Corticospinal tract
Corticopontine and corticobulbar tracts
Figure 9-8. Midbrain at the level of the inferior colliculus, the decussation of the superior cerebellar peduncles,
and the trochlear nucleus (of CN IV). Note that trochlear fibers decussate and exit the brainstem on the dorsal
—contain pseudounipolar neurons.
-receive input from muscle spindles and pressure receptors (mus-
cles of mastication and extraocular muscles).
5. Locus ceruleus
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