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Board Review Series - Fix J.D.

Fix J.D. Board Review Series - London, 1995. - 430 p.
Download (direct link): boardreviewseries1995.djvu
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V. Meningeal Arteries
-supply the intracranial dura.
-usually arise from branches of the external carotid artery.
A. Anterior meningeal arteries
-arise from the anterior and posterior ethmoidal arteries, —
supply the dura of the anterior cranial fos sa.
B. Middle meningeal artery
-is a branch of the maxillary artery.
-enters the cranium via the foramen spinosum.
-lies between the periosteal and meningeal dura, below the temporal and
parietal bones.
-supplies most of the dura and almost its entire calvarial portion,
-laceration results in epidural hemorrhage (hematoma).
C. Posterior meningeal arteries
-are branches of the ascending pharyngeal, vertebral, and occipital arter-
ies, —supply the dura of the posterior cranial foss a.
VI. Veins of the Brain
—are devoid of valves and lie along surface su lci.
—arise from the cortex and subcortical medullary substance and terminate in
the dural sinuses.
A. Superficial cerebral veins
-superior cerebral veins drain into the superior sagittal sinus ("bridg-
ing veins") -laceration of these vessels results in subdural hemorrhage
B. Deep cerebral veins
-drain the deep subcortical structures of the cerebral hemispheresse: ptal
area, thalamus, and basal ganglia.
1. Internal cerebral veins
—drain the following:
a. Septal vein
b. Thalamostriate vein
c. Terminal vein
d. Venous angle
—is the point where the septal vein and the thalamostriate vein meet, -
marks the interventricular foramen of Monro.
2. Great vein of Galen
-receives blood from the internal cerebral veins and drains into the
straight sinus.

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46 / Neuroanatomy
VII. Venous Dural Sinuses
—are endothelium-lined, valveless channels whose walls are formed by two
layers of dura mater, -collect blood from the superficial and deep cerebral
veins and the calvarium
and represent the major drainage pathway of the cranial cavity, —
receive arachnoid granulations and absorb cerebrospinal fluid (CSF ).
A. Superior sagittal sinus (see Figure 2-3)
—extends from the foramen cecum to the internal occipital protuberance
and usually terminates in the right transverse sinus.
-receives blood from the superficial cerebral veins, diploic veins, and pari-
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