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Board Review Series - Fix J.D.

Fix J.D. Board Review Series - London, 1995. - 430 p.
Download (direct link): boardreviewseries1995.djvu
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(D) trigone (B) project into the dural venous sinuses
(E) temporal horn (C) play a role in the absorption of cere
brospinal fluid (CSF)
6. All of the following statements concerning (D) produce CSF
the pia mater are correct EXCEPT it
(E) consist of arachnoid villi
(A) is a delicate, highly vascular layer of con 8. All of the following statements concerning
nective tissue
(B) gives rise to the denticulate ligaments the dura mater are correct EXCEPT it
(C) extends into the sulci and fissures (A) forms the periosteum of the vertebral
(D) is connected to the arachnoid by canal
trabeculae (B) forms the walls of the venous sinuses
(E) is a boundary of the epidural space of the (C) forms the roof of the pituitary fossa
vertebral canal (D) is innervated by two cranial nerves
(E) is continuous with the sclera of the

--------------------------------------- 246

320 / Neuroanatomy
—receives input from the thalamus (centromedian nucleus) and from
the substantia nigra.
-projects fibers to two major nuclei: the globus pallidus and the sub-
stantia nigra (pars reticularis).
2. Globus pallidus (Figure 21-3)
-receives input from two major nuclei: the striatum and the subthal-
amic nucleus.
-projects fibers to three major nuclei: the subthalamic nucleus; the
thalamus (ventral anterior, ventral lateral, and centromedian
nuclei); and the pedunculopontine nucleus.
3. Subthalamic nucleus
-receives input from the globus pallidus and from the motor cortex.
-projects fibers to the globus pallidu s.
4. Thalamus (see Figure 16-1)
a. Input to the thalamus
(1) Globus pallidus
-projects to the ventral anterior, ventral lateral, and cen-
tromedian nuclei.
Caudate nucleus
• Internal capsule
Stria medullaris--------
Third ventricle — ~~~~
Thalamic fasciculus (H,) ——
Field of Forel (H) -
Lenticular fasciculus (H2) -
Subthalamic nucleus •*
Ansa lenticularis -
iGlobus pallidus
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