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Board Review Series - Fix J.D.

Fix J.D. Board Review Series - London, 1995. - 430 p.
Download (direct link): boardreviewseries1995.djvu
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8. The supraoptic region contains all of the 10. All of the following statements concern-
following nuclei EXCEPT ing craniopharyngiomas are correct EXCEPT
(A) a nucleus that plays a role in tempera
ture regulation. (A) frequently cause a bitemporal hemi-
(B) a nucleus that receives substantial input anopia.
from the hippocampal formation. (B) usually can be seen on x-ray.
(C) a nucleus that manufactures antidiuretic (C) are rarely seen in children.
hormone (ADH). (D) are thought to originate from Rathke's
(D) a nucleus that manufactures oxytocin. pouch.
(E) a nucleus that receives direct input from (E) may cause adiposity and diabetes in-
the retina. sipidus.
9. All of the following statements concerning
the mamillary nucleus are correct EXCEPT it
(A) projects to the ventral anterior nucleus of
the thalamus.
(B) receives input from the hippocampal for
(C) receives input from the dorsal and ven
tral tegmental nuclei.
(D) receives input from the subiculum via
the fornix.
(E) contains hemorrhagic lesions in Wernicke's
Directions: Each set of matching questions in this section consists of a list of four to twenty-
six lettered options (some of which may be figures) followed by several numbered items. For
each numbered item, select the ONE lettered option that is most closely associated with it. To
avoid spending too much time on matching sets with large numbers of options, it is generally
advisable to begin each set by reading the list of options. Then, for each item in the set, try to
generate the correct answer and locate it in the option list, rather than evaluating each option
individually. Each lettered option may be selected once, more than once, or not at all.

Questions 11-17
11. Extends from the posterior hypothalamic
Match each description below with the struc- nucleus to the caudal medulla
ture it best describes. 12. Interconnects the hypothalamus and the
amygdaloid complex
(A) Fornix
(B) Medial forebrain bundle 13. Is the largest projection to the hypothala
(C) Stria terminalis mus
(D) Mamillary peduncle
14. Connects the septal area to the midbrain
(E) Dorsal longitudinal fasciculus
15. Conducts fibers from the hippocampal
formation to the mamillary nucleus
16. Lies between the caudate nucleus and the
17. Separates the medial hypothalamus from
the lateral hypothalamus
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