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IT Portfolio management step by step - Maizlish B

Maizlish B, Handler R. IT Portfolio management step by step - John Wiley & Sons, 2005. - 401 p.
ISBN.: 978-0-471-64984-8
Download (direct link): itportfoliomanagement2005.pdf
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• Obtain assurance of the performance, control, and risks of IT and independent comfort about major IT decisions
• Work with the CIO on developing an IT balanced scorecard, ensuring it is properly linked to business goals
Ensure the organization is in the best position to capitalize on its information and knowledge
Establish business priorities and allocate resources to enable effective IT performance
Set up organizational structures and responsibilities that facilitate IT strategy implementation
Define and support the CIO’s role, ensuring the CIO is a key business player and part of executive decision making
Allocate business resources required to ensure effective IT governance over projects and operations
• Provide business impact assessments to the enterprise risk management process
• Sign off on the IT balanced scorecard
• Monitor service levels
• Provide priorites for addressing IT performance problems and corrective actions
2. Executive management (Continued)
CIO • Drive IT strategy
development and execute against it, ensuring measurable value is delivered on time and budget currently and in the future
• Implement IT standards and policies
• Educate executives on dependence on IT, IT-related costs, technology issues and insights, and IT capabilities
• Clarify and demonstrate the value of IT
• Proactively seek ways to increase IT value contribution
• Link IT budgets to strategic aims and objectives
• Manage business and executive expectations relative to IT
• Establish strong IT project management disciplines
IT Resource Risk Performance
Management Management Management
Provide IT infrastructures that facilitate creation and sharing of business information at optimal cost
Ensure the availability of suitable IT resources, skills, and infrastructure to meet the strategic objectives
Ensure that roles critical for driving maximum value from IT are appropriately defined and staffed
Standardize architectures and technology
• Assess risks, mitigate efficiently, and make risks transparent to the stakeholders
• Implement an IT control framework
• Ensure that roles critical for managing IT risks are appropriately defined and staffed
Ensure the day-to-day management and verification of IT processes and controls
Implement an IT balanced scorecard with few but precise performance measures directly and demonstrably linked to the strategy
3. Committees supporting the executives and the CIO, ususallly coordinated by the CIO project office, chief architect, chief technology officer, etc.
Strategic Value IT Resource Risk Performance
Alignment Delivery Management Management Management
IT Steering Committee • Define project • Review, approve, and • Balance investments • Ensure all projects • Define project success
priorities fund initiatives, between supporting have a project risk measures
• Assess strategic fit of assessing how they and growing the management • Follow progress on
proposals improve business enterprise component major IT projects
• Perform portfolio processes • Act as sponsor of the • Monitor and direct key
reviews for continuing • Ensure identification • control, risk, and IT governance
strategic relevance of all costs and governance framework processes
fulfillment of cost/ Make key IT
benefit analysis governance decisions
• Perform portfolio reviews for cost optimization
Technology council • Provide technology • Consult/advise on the • Advise on • Ensure vulnerability • Verify compliance with
guidelines selection of technology infrastructure products assessments of new technology standards
• Monitor relevance of within standards • Direct technology technology occur and guidelines
latest developments in • Assist in variance standards and
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