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IT Portfolio management step by step - Maizlish B

Maizlish B, Handler R. IT Portfolio management step by step - John Wiley & Sons, 2005. - 401 p.
ISBN.: 978-0-471-64984-8
Download (direct link): itportfoliomanagement2005.pdf
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responds with new systems and new applica * Reorient the role of the IT organization to becoming a partner in the strategic use of IT
tions. The interaction between the business and * Assign business manager the role of IT investment decision making
the IT group is minimal, and there is little un * Provide incentives and rewards to employees who demonstrate a drive toward business innovation through information technology
derstanding of each other's domains or chal Challenge 2: Central IT budget promotes a cost-centric view of IT Investments
lenges. Business managers and the IT personnel Suggested remedies
perceive the IT group as passive recipients of * Fund IT investments by those deriving benefits
business IT wish lists, and technology consider * Do not fund a project without detailed business case (basic IT support and infrastructure management may be exceptions to this)
ations are not incorporated into business strate Challenge 3: IT is accountable for technical success of projects, but no one is responsible for business value
gies. This outdated model still persists in many * Business managers maintain responsibility and accountability
companies. * Metrics and balanced scorecard track success and value delivered
* Assign strong IT integration manager on each project
2. Adjacent Challenge 4: Dilution of responsibility for IT investments---it’s everyone’s job
There exists a closer collaboration between the Suggested remedies
business and the IT group facilitated by a few * Define clear responsibilities for technology implementation and for business outcomes of IT investments
intermediaries between the two realms. The in * Define technical project management and business responsibilities for business value delivery
termediaries perform the translating services--- * Assure that key roles are assigned to business-focused managers, whether the project is in the discovery portfolio, the project portfolio, or the asset portfolio
of business needs to IT and of IT methods to Challenge 5: Misaligned goals, where participants are not on the same page
the business---but meaning and nuances fre Suggested remedies
quently get lost in translation. New techniques * Align financial incentives and career growth measures with IT investment goals
such as rapid application development, iterative * Empower business managers
development, and proactive involvement of * Align functional affiliations of strategic IT with general business thinking; obliterate stovepipes
business users bring the two realms closer, but Challenge 6: Strategic IT opportunities fall through the cracks with business managers unwilling to undertake them
they are still distinct and separate. This is the Suggested remedies
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