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IT Portfolio management step by step - Maizlish B

Maizlish B, Handler R. IT Portfolio management step by step - John Wiley & Sons, 2005. - 401 p.
ISBN.: 978-0-471-64984-8
Download (direct link): itportfoliomanagement2005.pdf
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Can projects be made confidential? If yes, can certain fields of data be made public to users (i.e., is security access defined down to individual data elements)?
Can projects or activities be set up as recurring (i.e., they do not have a defined timeline, but still need to be prioritized for resource scheduling purposes)?
Does the solution support the creation of a project, asset, or other investment without reliance on an external project of asset management system?
Does the solution support investment classification by unlimited user-defined attributes?
Does the solution support investment life cycle management (e.g., requested, approved, active, implemented, maintained, canceled)?
Can the package support multiple contributors to metrics to see who contributed what?
Can the application keep history/version of changes to metrics?
Can the application assign modified permissions to categories of metrics to different users?
What arbitration features are available when multiple providers have different opinions on metrics?
Can variables be created and assigned to metrics instead of a discrete value?
Can metrics or final scores be overridden manually to accommodate qualitative input?
Can rules/flags be set that will lower or raise priority?
Can projects be linked where dependencies exist (i.e., if a high-priority project is dependent on a low-priority project, the low-priority project will be reevaluated)?
Can project scores be normalized based on project life cycle phases (i.e., an early stage idea will consistently score lower due to higher uncertainty than fully mature ideas)?
Does the software enable the user to select the highest value or most critical investments based on any number of company-identified constraints?
Does the software enable the user to set specific portfolio goals that are consistently retained for multidimensional analysis during portfolio analysis?
Does the software enable the user to utilize multiple methods of gap analysis to determine the balance of investments within the portfolio and how well they align with goals?
Does the software enable what-if analysis and modeling to show the outcome of changes in assumptions before funding decisions are made?
Can users control what investment items (e.g., candidate, active, on-hold, closed) they want to aid in the selection of the portfolio?
Does the software enable the user to drill down on any investment or investment candidate to get more detail?
Does the software enable developing a project plan with a detailed work breakdown structure and resource allocations that tie back to a resource capacity system?
Does the software track operating and capital expenditures over the life of initiatives?
Does the solution support top-down estimating of time-phased resource requirements by skill set (i.e., using full-time employees or hours)?
Does the solution enable setting multiple targets (e.g., conservative, default, stretch), capturing multiple baselines, and capturing multiple plans?
Does the system support a flexible multi-level sort to rank and prioritize investments?
Does the system show the resource load by investment (e.g., over-/under-loaded charts and reports)?
Can the software manage risk/reward trade-offs?
Does an efficient frontier-based model exist that demonstrates tuning variables and constraints and impact to the portfolio?
Does the software enable users to review the performance of multiple investments and cross-correlate the data? Does the software spot potential correlations and covariances among investments?
Does the software track and measure the dependencies, constraints, and support for each investment in the portfolio?
Can users select subjective ratings and specify criteria functions and analytics?
Can users set up their own critical success factors, key performance categories and indicators as well as their own scorecards, investment maps, forms, dashboards, and so forth?
Can users override the default calculations to handle unique situations?
Can users toggle among portfolios that address different domains like applications, systems, projects, vendors, and customers?
Can users toggle among key performance categories for color and size on a bubble chart?
Does the software enable the user to automatically send an e-mail message to the manager of the investment plan when it is not performing according to plan?
Does the software enable users to make changes to the portfolio and communicate the impact of these changes via e-mail to the other decision makers?
Are the life cycles of projects customizable (i.e., do they consist of multiple stages or phases that are customizable)?
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