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Quake 4 mods for dummies - Guilfoyle E.

Guilfoyle E. Quake 4 mods for dummies - Wiley publishing , 2006. - 411 p.
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-03746-1
Download (direct link): quake4modsfordumm2006.pdf
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3. Save this definition file, and you’re done.
Next time you start a server by using the tourney game type, your map will be listed.
Capturing the arena
The arena CTF game type works very much like the regular CTF game, except that some of the power-ups available in the entity list are made specifically for it. These special power-ups are team-specific, which means that the other team is unable to use them even though they can see them. Also, when a player picks up one of these power-ups, the effects do not wear off until that player dies.
These special power-ups include
Scout: This allows you to move faster in the game and also to fire your weapon at a faster rate.
Guard: When picked up, this power-up regenerates your health and increases your armor to 200 points. This is double the armor that’s available to everyone else.
Doubler: Similar to Quad Damage, this power-up doubles the amount of damage your weapon can inflict.
Ammo-Regen: This slowly increases your ammo count on all of the weapons in your inventory. With this power-up, you never have to pick up ammo again.
Chapter 13: Playing Alone or with Someone Else 217
When using these power-ups, they should be made available to only this game type. They were not designed to be used in the regular CTF and other game types and therefore should be unavailable to players when those game types are played.
To make them unavailable in other game types, filter them out just like you did with the crates in the hall and the flag bases in the rooms. On the Entity tab, enter a filter_Arena CTF in the Key field, enter 1 in the Val field, and then press Enter. Follow these steps for each of the power-ups, and you will be set.
218 Part III: Expanding Your Creation
Part IV
Going Beyond the Basics
The 5th Wave By Rich Tennant
“ Dennis/ Dennis// Where are you?/ I’m being attacked/1 know, I kno-w, but you’re the groom. Tell them to just postpone the vredding a £evt minutes.”
In this part . . .
JMyM apping might be a popular type of mod, but that If I isn’t where modding stops. What you can’t do with the mapping editor you can do with scripting. In this part, you create custom images to paste throughout the game, find ways to make your games interactive with user interfaces, and turn a player into a virtual version of yourself. Here you put everything you’ve created into a package and get it out to the world.
Chapter 14
Scripting Advanced Actions
In This Chapter
^ Using tools and finding information ^ Understanding what makes up a script ^ Scripting a lift in your game
Лlot of people are intimidated by the thought of scripting for a game. Well, those people just don’t know how simple it really is. Scripting has been turned into a word with inflated meaning by programmers and hackers who want you to be scared. I’m here to tell you that if you can read and write, you can script.
There’s a distinct difference between scripting and coding. Coding, or programming, is what you do when you edit or hack the lines of code that make the game work. Coding is what id Software and Raven Software, the makers of Quake, did to provide you with such an awesome game. The creators wrote their code; compiled it (in much the same manner you compile your levels) into something the computer can execute; and then released it to us, the users.
Scripting, on the other hand, is nothing more than creating lines of text that instruct the game on how to behave. There might be some words that you don’t recognize, but thanks to id Software, you already have a glossary of these terms saved on your computer. When you can’t remember a term or you want to look for something new, you can just open up the glossary file and search for some help.
Let me introduce you to the tools you’ll need to start scripting.
I’m willing to bet that you already have all the tools you need to start scripting. Here are the essentials:
Finding Tools You Already Had
222 Part IV: Going Beyond the Basics____________________________________________________________________
^ A text editor: For writing, you need a text editor.
^ A file-compression utility: To access the glossary, you need a file-compression utility.
These tools come with Microsoft Windows, which is most likely the operating system you’re already running.
Writing in plain text
A script is made up of lines of text that instruct the game to do something. Being lines of text, all you need to write your own script is a text editor. You can use Notepad, ConText, UltraEdit, or any other plain text editor you feel comfortable with. However, it must be able to save your writing as plain text. This is very important.
Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, or other word processing programs often interject formatting that is invisible to the reader, but instruct the text to appear bold, italic, or formatted in some other way. This hidden code makes your script unusable by the game, so Word and WordPerfect make bad for scripting.
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