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Quake 4 mods for dummies - Guilfoyle E.

Guilfoyle E. Quake 4 mods for dummies - Wiley publishing , 2006. - 411 p.
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-03746-1
Download (direct link): quake4modsfordumm2006.pdf
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This texture complements the wall texture that is currently there. However, on some faces, the texture will be incorrectly oriented on the top and bottom brush face, like in Figure 12-4.
154 Part III: Expanding Your Creation
Figure 12-3:
Bevel the corners to reduce splitting your geometry.
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Figure 12-4:
When texturing the tops of the ledges, some of the textures might need to be rotated in order to line up.
3. To fix this problem, select the texture that needs adjusting.
4. Rotate the texture until it looks like it lines up with the brush. Press Shift+Page Down to rotate the selected texture clockwise or press Shift+Page Up to rotate it counter-clockwise.
Chapter 12: Adding a Few Details 155
Figure 12-5:
This is what your ledge should look like when you’re done. The textures are lined up, and the corners are beveled.
If you need to shift the texture up or down, press Shift+T or Shift+i to move it in those respective directions.
With the texture properly positioned, all the features of the texture should line up with the brush and texture next to it. The result should look like Figure 12-5.
If you need help lining up your texture, use the Render mode in the CAM window to view the texture with more detail as it would be seen in the game. You activate Render mode by pressing F3.
5. Continue to apply the textures as you did here to the rest of the ledge brushes.
Remember to apply and adjust the texture underneath the ledge and make sure to texture all visible sides of the brush. You don’t want it to leak when you compile it later.
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