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Quake 4 mods for dummies - Guilfoyle E.

Guilfoyle E. Quake 4 mods for dummies - Wiley publishing , 2006. - 411 p.
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-03746-1
Download (direct link): quake4modsfordumm2006.pdf
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To use the Clipper, you’re going to plot two points in the 2D window. The line created by these two points is where your brush will be split in two.
3. Place one point above the wall where you want it to split by clicking within the 2D window.
When you click, you see a blue dot with the number 1 next to it.
102 Part III: Expanding Your Creation
Figure 9-10:
Select the wall in the second room in preparation for making a hallway entrance.
4. Place another clipping point under the wall on the same Y axis line, creating a straight line down the wall.
When you do, you will see a blue dot with the number two, and half of the wall will disappear. This is normal. Figure 9-11 shows how it appears in the editor.
The Clipper tool actually has more than one function. In this case, you’ve used this tool to split your wall into two. Another option would be to cut or clip off part of your wall, hence the name Clipper for this tool.
If you accidentally click the screen more than twice or if you want to change your selection, press Esc to deselect the Clipper tool and start again.
5. To split your brush, press Shift+Enter.
The result should look like Figure 9-12. The Shift+Enter command splits the brush; pressing only Enter clips it. If you didn’t hold down the Shift key, you can either press Ctrl+Z to undo the operation or continue creating the hall entrance as you did in the preceding section.
Chapter 9: Expanding Your Map with Additions 103
Figure 9-11:
With the Clipping tool selected, plot two points across the wall you want to split to create the slicing point.
YY Tn..
- S3 2 -?6i 76 ’ — -44* 320 ;
' 1 T Ip "


3 a


- —

1 SL

1 2


When that’s done, make sure you deactivate the Clipper tool by either pressing the Clipper tool menu icon or pressing X to deactivate it. Then remember to save the map.
Now that you have two halves of your wall, adjust them to fit around the hall entrance. After splitting the brush, both halves of the wall will be selected. You can deselect a brush the same way you select one: by press Shift+click within the CAM window on the brush you want to deselect. Then you can resize the other wall into position. (Because you split your brush, you don’t need to move it.)
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