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Quake 4 mods for dummies - Guilfoyle E.

Guilfoyle E. Quake 4 mods for dummies - Wiley publishing , 2006. - 411 p.
ISBN-13: 978-0-470-03746-1
Download (direct link): quake4modsfordumm2006.pdf
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3. Open another instance of Windows File Explorer. Then navigate to the games base folder, C:\Program Files\id Software\Quake 4\ q4base.
From here, you want to copy all your game files for the package. You will then paste them in your new Temp folder.
4. Select the following folders by pressing Ctrl+click on each of these:
• guis
• maps
• materials
• textures
You should now have four folders selected.
5. Press Ctrl+C to copy your selection. Switch to your other instance of Windows File Explorer, which has C:\Temp open. Then press Ctrl+V to paste the folders and files you selected.
You now have a copy in your Temp folder.
336 Part IV: Going Beyond the Basics__________________________________________________________________
6. Go through each of these copied folders and make sure that you have only the files that are listed at the beginning of this section.
You don’t need to package maps and files that don’t belong here. For instance, I had several other map files in my maps\game folder that didn’t need to be there. I went in, selected them with Ctrl+click, and then deleted them by pressing Delete.
7. Create your README file.
Start by opening Notepad. For your convenience, I included an empty readme.txt file on the media in the back of the book. This file looks just like the README contents shown later in this chapter. Fill in the blanks with your information.
8. Save this file as readme.txt in your Temp folder.
9. Create a custom image to represent your content.
The reason for this image is that when you submit your file to Web sites, these Web sites want to be able to post a visual of your content. If you supply the Web site administrators with that visual, you just saved them time and effort making less work for them. Less work for these Web site administrators means a better likelihood that your package will be posted without delay. Often, this means offering a screenshot from within your level. However, this image can be anything that you want.
You don’t have to go through a lot of effort in making this image. A screenshot from within the game is the most common. So, load your level in the game and create your screenshot. If you don’t remember how, refer to Chapter 13 for more information on how to create one of your own.
When you have your screenshot ready, save it in your Temp folder. Save it in the same location as your readme.txt file because this is where most people expect to find it. Then rename the file to the same name as your map file.
Screenshots are often submitted in their native Targa format right out of the game. However, because the purpose of this screenshot is to provide the Web site with an image to post along with your file, you should convert this image to something appropriate for the Web. Open your file in Photoshop, change the size of the image to 640 pixels wide, and then save it as a JPEG, which is an image format that can be used online.
Now, you’re ready to create your package.
10. Select all the files and folders in your Temp folder. Right-click your selection to open the pop-up menu and choose WinZipOAdd to
WinZip quickly opens and closes again, and then you are left with a new file in your folder,
Chapter 19: Showing the World 337
Figure 19-1:
Zip it all up by using folder names so that the path in the file represents the path on your hard drive.
11. Select and then choose FileORename. Rename the file to chapter16.pk4.
When you press enter to rename the file, you’re prompted with a warning about changing the filename extension. Click Yes to change it.
12. Open chapter16.pk4 and make sure all the files are in there. Also, just as important, make sure the paths to these files are correct by looking at the Path column.
Your paths should read as mine do in Figure 19-1. You should see that they all reflect the folder paths from which they came.
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