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Piano for dummies - Neely B.

Neely B. Piano for dummies - IDG Books , 1991. - 353 p.
Download (direct link): pianofordummies1991.pdf
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J' Yamaha Corporation of America: 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA, 90620. Phone: (714) 522-9011; fax (800) 926-2429. Web site: www .yamaha . com. Recommended models: Clavinova and YPP series.
The following list points you toward some quality manufacturers of synthesizers and samplers. (For more information on samplers and other models, read the sidebar ďSample this!Ē in this chapter.) For most companies I list, 1 give recommended models. This is not an exhaustive list of models by any means. Each company makes lots of different-priced, various-featured models. Notice I didnít say ďinexpensive,Ē though:
J' Akai Musical Instrument Corporation: 1316 East Lancaster Avenue, Fort Worth, TX, 76102. Phone (817) 336-5114; fax (817) 870-1271.
E-mail:; Web site: www .akai .com. Recommended model: S series sampler.
V Alesis Studio Electronics: 1633 26th Street, Santa Monica, CA, 90404. Phone: (310) 558-4530; fax (310) 836-9192. E-mail:
a 1 ecopr@al esi s 1. us a . com; Web site: www. al esi s . com. Recommended model: QS series synth.
J' Casio Incorporated: 570 Mount Pleasant Avenue, Dover, NJ, 07801. Phone: (973) 361-5400; fax (973) 361-3819.
J' E-Mu Systems Incorporated: 1600 Green Hills Road, Suite 101, Scotts Valley, CA, 95067. Phone: (408) 438-1921; fax (408) 438-7584. E-mail: ma i l@emu . com; Web site: www. emu . com. Recommended models: E-Synth, ESI series sampler Proformance piano module.
J' Ensoniq Corporation: 155 Great Valley Parkway, Malvern, PA, 19355. Phone: (610) 647-3930; fax (610) 647-8908. E-mail: musi c-support@ ensoni q . com; Web site: www. ensoni q . com. Recommended model: ZR-76 workstation.
J1 Generalmusic Corporation: 1164 Tower Lane, Bensenville, IL, 60106. Phone: (630) 766-8230; fax (630) 766-8281. E-mail:
gmai l@general musi cus . com; Web site: www Recommended models: Pro series, SK series, RealPiano module.
252 Part VI: So Many Toys, So Little Time
J' Kawai America Corporation: 2055 East University Drive, Compton, CA, 90220. Phone: (310) 631-1771; fax (310) 604-6913. E-mail:
jdel es ki@kawa i us . com; Web site: www. kawa i us . com. Recommended model: K5000 workstation.
J1 Korg USA Incorporated: 316 South Service Road, Melville, NY, 11747. Phone: (516) 333-9100; fax (516) 333-9108. Web site: www. korg .com. Recommended models: N series, Trinity series synths.
* Kurzweil Music Systems: 13336 Alondra Boulevard, Cerritos, CA, 90703. Phone: (562) 926-3200; fax (562) 404-0748. E-mail: kurzwei l@aol . com; Web site: www.youngchang . com/kurzwei 1. Recommended models: K2500 synths and samplers, PC88 controller.
J1 Roland Corporation US: 7200 Dominion Circle, Los Angeles, CA, 90040-3696. Phone: (213) 685-5141; fax (213) 721-4875. Web site: www. rol andus . com. Recommended models: A series, JV series, JP-8000, XP series synths and samplers.
ę7 Technics Musical Instruments: One Panasonic Way, 1C8, Secaucus, NJ, 07094. Phone: (201) 392-6140; fax (201) 348-7484.
Yamaha Corporation of America: 6600 Orangethorpe Avenue, Buena Park, CA, 90620. Phone: (714) 522-9011. Web site: www. y a ma ha . com. Recommended models: EX series synth, A3000 sampler.
Other electric keyboards
Nothingís wrong with a no-frills keyboard from your local toy or electronics store. Many of these have several different sounds and a built-in rhythm section and are very affordable. You probably canít do all kinds of funky little tricks or engineer a hit CD on it, but it will allow you to do the thing that made you buy this book: play the piano.
Before l/ou Bride It Off the Lot: Seating the Beat at the Store
If youíve ever bought a car, you know that looking at and test driving different models is almost as much fun as taking one home. Buying a keyboard should be a similar experience.
If youíve never bought a car, or even driven one, donít worry. I tell you everything you need to know about being a savvy keyboard shopper.
__________________________Chapter 16: Finding the Perfect Keyboard
Take it for a spin
No matter what kind of music store you walk into, the pianos and keyboards are there for you to try out. Go ahead ó touch it, play it. Push the buttons and turn the volume up and down. If itís a piano, have a seat and play a while. You donít have to leave your driverís license, and you donít have to let the salesperson ride with you. Itís just you and the keyboard .. . and perhaps a dozen other customers standing around listening.
If the salesperson or manager of the store asks you not to touch or play ďthe merchandise,Ē abruptly ask them to remind you where the door is and the quickest route to a store that would like to make a sale today. Either they will show you the door or youíll be given a much more comfortable chair and encouraged to resume playing. Either way, you win.
Keep in mind that many electric keyboards on display are routed through f processors, effects, and other digital enhancements to make them sound
( ) better. Donít be fooled by this extra gear. Kindly ask the salesperson to turn
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