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Kissing for dummies - Murphy J.

Murphy J. Kissing for dummies - Wiley publishing , 2006. - 11 p.
Download (direct link): kissingfordummies2006.doc
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Well deodorant can help with that problem. A hearty application of deodorant to the underarms in the morning will help rid you of your body odor for the day. After a sporting event a hearty dose of deodorant wouldn’t harm either. Even if you have put some on already that day, before a date it will be key to put some on. Now you are probably wondering about cologne. Well for that, see chapter two!

Cologne plus deodorant is a key thing! But too much cologne can kill the person you are with. For example, we all remember Adam Ruggeiri’s bad cologne incident and everyone almost died on the spot. So here is how I apply my cologne before a date. NOTE: a little cologne before school won’t hurt you either!

1. Apply a small spray to your index finger
2. Then, dab a small amount on either side of your neck.
3. BAM! Your done and you smell very spiffy…yes, spiffy.

Well…you have learned how to make that precious move, kiss, and to smell nice!…npt bad for a free book that will pay off instantly…if you know what I mean

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