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Kissing for dummies - Murphy J.

Kissing for dummies

Author: Murphy J.
Publishers: Wiley publishing
Year of publication: 2006
Number of pages: 11
Read: 1 2
Download: kissingfordummies2006.doc

Written By,
Justin Murphy

This special edition includes an extra chapter on how to smell good!

Chapter One: The Move
Chapter Two: The touch
Chapter Three: The key interval

Special Edition Chapters:
Chapter One: Deodorant
Chapter Two: Cologne
Chapter Three: The best time to use these!

My view on this topic is that it is the MOST IMPORTANT thing of a kiss. The way you approach this is what makes it so important. I know there is going to be many situations where the move will be awkward. Luckily, today we are going to discuss both the perfect moment, and the awkward moments.
The Movies
First situation will be the common movie seen. In this one, for the ideal move in this situation follow these steps.
1. Put your arm around her, and she should put rest her head on your shoulder.
2. After a few minutes of that you can move onto step three.
3. Take your hand that is not around her, put your fingers under her chin, and gently slope up her head so she is looking at you.(see image in back of book)
4. Now, you can kiss her
5. You are probably wondering, what the hell do I do next, for this see the continuation of this in chapter 2.

Note: this move can go with anywhere you are sitting.
The Standing Position

We are going to look at the standing position. Follow these steps below:
1. You can start this off with a just a simple hug.
2. Then, after the hug, pull a little away but keep your arms around her waist to show her that you want to do something. DO NOT LET HER GO!
3. Like in the movie seen, take a hand (you can choose this time) and put it on her neck so your fingers rest on the side of her neck up near her ear.
4. Next, look into her eyes and then kiss. See the next chapter on the how–to.

The Laying Down Position

Sorry, but for this you are going to need to order:
Kissing for Dummies Advanced

After the move, this is the second most important thing to the overall kiss. The kiss is what follows up the great move you made from chapter one.

There are two kisses: regular and French kiss. You are probably familiar with both, but we will define them for you. A kiss is just the contact of the lips and salvia, but no opening of the mouth. This is how you start off, you never start off with a French kiss, it is unethical. The French kiss however, is the opening of the mouth and the penetration of the tongue and contact between the two tongues and lots of spit. Below is how to go about these two kisses:

Regular Kiss

1. Follow one of the “moves” from chapter one then proceed.
2. Now you are up to the step of kissing.
3. Before you kiss think of this one thing:
a. Do I have peach fuzz above my top lip?
4. If you do, which you probably do, then go to step five
5. When you kiss, try to make it so that her top lip goes between your two lips during the kiss, this way she won’t feel your peach fuzz on her lips and you won’t be embarrassed
6. Now hold this position until you feel it is necessary to pull away
7. But when you do pull away makes sure you still are doing the thing I taught you how to do with your hand on her neck and chin and look her straight in the eyes for a few seconds. (this adds to the impact of the kiss)

The French kiss

1. PLEASE DO NOT START OFF WITH A FRENCH KISS, use a proper move and the way to do a regular kiss above.
2. Ok, now you have done a regular kiss and you have pulled away
3. Instead of just leaving, you go back in and start off again with a regular kiss…note..that is two regular kisses now!
4. During your regular kiss you will turn your head sideways.
5. Then, once your head is slanted you can put your tongue between her lips. NOTE: GRADUALLY AND GENTLY PUT IT IN!
6. Do not put your tongue in very far, you don’t need her choking on your tongue. After you feel your tongue touch hers, just stop and let them touch.
7. After you and your partner have French kissed a few times, then you can start in movement with the tongue…again…you need to order Kissing For Dummies Advanced.


The interval should be a review for you if you followed all of the steps correctly. The interval is one of the key things that make a kiss, a kiss. The interval is the time period where you stop kissing, but you still have your hand on her neck or chin and you are looking into her eyes. This interval speaks thousands of words and it is KEY to your success. So go ahead and have a happy kissing life, and I am sure your date will be happy that you read Kissing For Dummies!

Continue on for the Special Edition on how not to smell!

After reading all of the important steps of kissing and the move this is defiantly not the area you won’t to screw up on. Image if you were on a date and your date STUNK! Would you be happy to be sitting next to that person? Or would you feel like passing out?
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