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Investing for Canadians for dummies - Tyson E

Investing for Canadians for dummies

Author: Tyson E
Publishers: Wiley Publishing
Year of publication: 2009
Number of pages: 114
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Download: investingforcanadiansfordummies2009.pdf

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for the
Rest of Us
Eric Tyson Tony Martin
For Canadians
by Eric Tyson and Tony Martin
CDG Books Canada, Inc. Toronto, ON
About the Authors
Eric Tyson
Eric Tyson is an internationally acclaimed and best-selling personal financial writer, lecturer, and advisor. Through his work, he is dedicated to teaching people to manage their personal finances better and to successfully direct their own investments.
He has been involved in the investing markets in many capacities for the past twenty-five years. Eric first invested in mutual funds back in the mid-1970s, when he opened a mutual fund account at Fidelity. In addition to investing in securities over the past two decades, Eric has also successfully invested in real estate and started and managed his own business. He has counselled thousands of clients on a variety of investment quandaries and questions.
Eric earned a bachelor's degree in economics at Yale and an M.B.A. at the Stanford Graduate School of Business. An accomplished freelance personal finance writer, Eric is the author of several ... For Dummies® best-sellers on personal finance topics, and he is a syndicated columnist. His work has been featured and quoted in hundreds of publications, including Newsweek, Kiplinger 's Personal Finance Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, The Wall Street Journal, and on NBC's Today Show, ABC, CNBC, PBS's Nightly Business Report, CNN, CBS national radio, Bloomberg Business Radio, National Public Radio, and Business Radio Network. To stay in tune with what real people care about and struggle with, Eric still maintains a financial counselling practice.
Tony Martin is a nationally recognized best-selling personal finance writer, speaker and commentator. Tony's focus is on providing Canadians with the means to understand the world of personal finance and the tools to better manage and grow their own investments.
A B.Comm. from Queen's University, Tony has produced both television and radio programs about personal finance. He is the co-author, along with Eric, of the national bestseller Personal Finance For Dummies For Canadians, and is also the author of Me and My Money: Strategies of Real-life Investors. This latter book is based on his popular and widely read column "Me and My Money," which appears in The Globe and Mail's Report on Business. He is also the personal finance expert for the Report on Business Magazine, in which he pens the monthly "Wealth" column.
Tony is a frequent speaker on personal finance and investing, and regularly appears on TV and radio, including CBC Radio and TVOntario.
Actually, before we get to the major thank yous, please allow us a really major thank you and dedication.
This book is hereby and irrevocably dedicated to our families and friends, who ultimately have taught us everything that we know about how to explain financial terms and strategies so that all of us may benefit.
Eric sends his thanks to chief IDG Books honcho John Kilcullen for recruiting him into the fold and to Kathy Welton and Mark Butler for keeping him focused on writing needed books. Behind every good book (I trust, dear reader, you think that it is) is a great project editor — thank you, Wendy Hatch, for your enthusiasm, insights, and attention to detail. Thanks also to Billie Williams for all herfine editing and to Andy Lewandowski and Justin Wells for additional editorial and research help, and to Tom Missler, and the rest of the fine folks in Production at IDG Books Worldwide for making this book and all my charts and graphs look great! Thanks also to Mimi Sells, Catherine Schmitz, David Kissinger, and Heather Prince for all their sound work behind the scenes, and to everyone else at IDG Books who contributed to getting this book done and done right.
And last but not least, Eric tips his cap to the fine lot of technical reviewers who helped to ensure that he did not write something that wasn't quite right. These good folks included Bob Bingham, a truly professional financial advisor with Bingham, Osborn and Scarborough; and Ray Brown, residential real estate guru, fellow author, sometimes mentor, and always great pal. This book also benefitted from the input of Ed Wholihan, McKinsey & Co. management consultant extraordinaire; Ken Fisher, investment manager and most informed stock market historian; A1 Gobar, real estate investing guru; small-business professor Pam Autrey of the University of Texas; and Dennis Ito, Bob Taylor, Madelyn O'Connell, and Marilyn Wilson from the worldwide tax and financial experts, KPMG Peat Marwick LLP. Thank you one and all!
Tony would like to thank financial planning whizzes Warren Baldwin of ТЕ Financial, Peter Volpe from Integra Capital, and Doug Macdonald of Macdonald Shymko & Co. Ltd, as well as Gena Katz, chartered accountant and tax simplifier with Ernst & Young, and the fixed income folks at Scotia Capital Markets for their super stats. He is also grateful to his editor, Joan Whitman, whose good humour and sharp eye helped immensely, and to Lisa Berland for her excellent copy-editing.
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