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A ravolution in Creative business strategy - Schemetter B.

Schemetter B. A ravolution in Creative business strategy - Wiley & sons , 2003. - 257 p.
ISBN 0-471-22917-2
Download (direct link): leaparevolutionIncreativeb2003.pdf
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The Leap
In order to do that, we had to revolutionize the milk category.
We had to change the way people think about and drink milk.
Target consumers included young men who already drink a lot of milk and mothers who thought their active children weren’t
Dean's Milk Chug 131
drinking enough. The solution was to repackage milk in light plastic containers, styled after old-fashioned bottles—in 8-, 16-, and 32-ounce sizes—with resealable lids, in a variety of flavors. It would be called Dean’s® Milk Chug®.
As with Witnness, the Dean’s Milk Chug campaign aimed to turn something tired into something cool. Highly visible TV spots aimed at children and young teens featured the Milk Chug animated character, Chazz. An interactive website, hosted by Chazz, has a soccer theme and includes online chats with soccer stars Carlos Valder-rama and Shannon MacMillan.
Profitable innovation in all its glory.
The results of the campaign surpassed expectations. Dean’s Milk Chug was the first milk product in recent history to increase sales. And the rise was dramatic—Dean’s Milk Chug led to a 200 percent sales increase, with profitable chocolate milk sales increasing 347 percent. It also returned true brand value to the company. The visibility effort of the campaign helped boost Dean Foods Company stock price more than 30 points in one year.
A Shift in Business Strategy
The success of Milk Chug allowed Dean’s to pursue an aggressive shift in business strategy, moving its focus from local dairy acquisitions to creating innovative single-serve products. The success of the brand differentiation has opened up new channels of distribution and has also led the company to continue to pursue the launching of new products.
What business is Dean’s in? With Dean’s Milk Chug, it went from being in the dairy business to being a provider of fuel and nutrition for consumers on the go.
Dean’s Milk Chug ad
Do You Know What Business You Are In?
Before You Leap: Take a close look at consumer trends that could potentially impact your category.At Euro RSCG, we continually drive trendsightings throughout the agency via our STAR (strategic trendspotting and research) team. The Dean’s Milk Chug campaign benefited from an understanding of the new demand for portable, ultraconvenient food and beverage products. In a world changing as rapidly as ours, it is essential to focus on what is real today and what will be real tomorrow, rather than accept that what worked yesterday is still the best approach.
Green Giant® Canned Corn
Dean’s Milk Chug went beyond just innovative new packaging. The idea changed the distribution channel for Dean’s milk. It changed the way people think about milk and when they drink it. It ultimately had a direct and significant impact on the company’s business strategy. The same was true for a Creative Business Idea that focused on what at first seems the most unlikely of products: Green Giant® canned corn, sold in France.
Where's the Difference?
General Mills Niblets variety canned corn, marketed for decades under the powerful Green Giant® brand name, is seen as the highest-quality product in the category. Green Giant has tried to improve market share through intensive promotion programs, but refuses to use price cutting or product giveaways, and thus needed new and
Green Giant® Canned Corn
qualitative ways to offer value to consumers. General Mills has searched for marketing campaigns that both reinforce the brand’s image of quality and increase sales during the summer season, as the French eat corn mainly cold in summer salads.
The Leap
Our agency, Euro RSCG Manille, focused its attention on two target audiences. The primary target was mothers and the secondary target was distributors. Green Giant® bans price promotions as part of its marketing policy, so Euro RSCG Manille had to come up with a way to grab attention for the brand without reducing the price or significantly increasing the cost of the corn. The campaign had to be strong enough to make the distributors buy Green Giant® and display it in a prominent location. To do that,
the agency moved beyond marketing and into business strategy. It revitalized the product's functionality with a simple, yet transformative idea.
Euro RSCG Manille created a plastic cap that went over the outer metal top of Green Giant® Niblets. The plastic was perforated so it functioned as a strainer. The strainer proved to be very convenient, enabling consumers to easily separate the corn from the water. The agency named the cap “La Maissette” (from the French word for corn, mais). The plastic cap was included with every three-can package of Green Giant® Niblets. It was inexpensive enough to produce that the company was able to include it in Green Giant® products for a one-month period, resulting in a million and a half La Maissettes being used by consumers throughout France. The business objectives were met, and Green Giant® sold every can of corn packaged with La Maissette. The idea set a new standard in the French market and is being explored by Green Giant®’s other markets. In addition, Green Giant® has already produced a smaller size of La Maissette.
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