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A ravolution in Creative business strategy - Schemetter B.

Schemetter B. A ravolution in Creative business strategy - Wiley & sons , 2003. - 257 p.
ISBN 0-471-22917-2
Download (direct link): leaparevolutionIncreativeb2003.pdf
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Before You Leap: Figure out which aspects of the brand DNA communicate with each audience. As long as you remain true to the brand’s fundamental essence, you can successfully extend a brand into new directions—and a new era.
Select Comfort: Making a Mattress Mod
Just as Witnness breathed new life into an aging brand, this CBI breathed new life into a tired category—and that’s what made it so compelling.
The category was the sleep industry. The product was a bed. The client of Euro RSCG MVBMS was Select Comfort. Up until the Creative Business Idea that would transform its business, Select Comfort had positioned itself as “The Air Bed Company.” Its beds contain a patented, digital, remote control that adjusts the firmness ofthe mattress to a specific numerical setting, from 0 to 100—the more air, the firmer the mattress.
The Challenge
The mattress business is not exactly booming. In any given year, only 8 percent of the population shops for a mattress, and the average life span of a mattress is 10 years. Select Comfort had seen declining sales for the past two years, not only because of those realities, but because its niche market—older, back-pain sufferers—was saturated.
Select Comfort: Making a Mattress Mod
The company also suffered from both low brand awareness and image problems—historically, brands like “The Air Bed Company” are promoted almost exclusively via late-night, direct-response TV. Not exactly an approach that confers a sense of status.
Another obstacle: Unlike mattress manufacturers that offer competitive pricing and make their products available via mass-market distribution channels, Select Comfort are premium-priced beds, in the $1,000+ range, and are sold only through two channels: factory direct or via retail stores located in major malls.
What drew everyone to this Creative Business Idea, I think, was that this new idea for an old category was born of the product itself.
The agency decided to turn the bed’s key product feature—a level of firmness from 0 to 100—into a unique, ownable point of difference called the Sleep Number®. The idea was that, whether you knew it or not, you have an individual Sleep Number, and once you discover your number, you’ll have the key to a perfect night’s sleep.
But a Sleep Number was not just the firmness feature of the bed. It was a language and measure that had never before existed—a new way for consumers to measure their personal comfort.
Do You Know What Your Sleep Number Is?
Do you know what your Sleep Number is? Consumers were invited to find out by visiting their local Select Comfort stores—which were renamed and rebranded as “Sleep Number Stores.” The Sleep Number now permeates every facet of the company, including the brand name, the brand image, the logo, the sales process, and the product itself. The idea transformed the business—it directly impacted not
Sleep Number store
Do You Know What Business You Are In?
A CBI is by definition media neutral; in fact, the ability to live in virtually any environment is the test of a CBI. For example, the “Sleep Number" idea for Select Comfort works in any conventional or unconventional environment you could think of. You could and we did put “I'm a 40, I'm a 60," etc., on buttons, business cards, beds, office doors, as well as TV, radio, and the Internet, but it could have been done as matchbooks (“I'm an 80. What are you?") in singles bars, tattoos, contests (guess my Sleep Number). The possibilities are endless because “Sleep Numbers" is a true CBI. It passes the test. —Rich Roth, Euro RSCG MVBMS, New York
just communications strategy, but business strategy. Even more, it introduced a powerful selling idea to a business that is not idea-driven.
Select Comfort is not in the business of selling mattresses. It’s in the business of selling a perfect night’s sleep. Once the company understood that, everything else fell into place.
Before You Leap: Find the unique creative proposition that will
speak to a coveted audience.And make sure that the UCP is communicated through everything the company does.
Dean's® Milk Chug®
One of the Creative Business Ideas from our first awards program also brought new thinking to an old category, a category that, at least in the United States, has been promoted so heavily in the last few years that you’d think it would have already been rejuvenated. The category is milk.
A Declining Market
Milk has been suffering a steady 20-year downturn, despite years of a highly visible creative campaign and countless celebrity endorsements. Our Chicago client Dean Foods®, one of the largest regional dairies in the United States, wanted to drive distribution into nontra-ditional outlets and create a stronger brand presence in the dairy case. The goal was not to convince non-milk drinkers to start drinking milk, it was to better reach people who do like milk, to differentiate Dean’s from other brands, and to increase consumption. Our agency— Euro RSCG Tatham Partners—wanted to create a milk brand that could compete with all the other choices in the beverage case.
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