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Automatic wealth The 6 steps to financial independence - Masreson M.

Masreson M. Automatic wealth The 6 steps to financial independence - Wiley & sons , 2005. - 291 p.
ISBN 0-471-71027
Download (direct link): automaticwealththesixstepsto2005.pdf
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2. Audiocassettes and CDs. There are all sorts of subjects that lend themselves to audiocassette, CD, and DVD sales. In the business-to-business arena, there are training programs, and in the consumer arena, you have books on tape, language programs, and music, just to name a few. The trend toward electronic forms of information, advice, and entertainment is unstoppable. One example is the Audio Book Club, which sells more than 65,000 audiobooks a year via mail order and the Internet. Online sales are growing, and there is a strong demand for companies that can sell audio products by allowing consumers to download the information online after paying by credit card. Buyers are interested in availability (the sooner, the better), the quality of the audio, the quality of the content, and value.
3. Diet and weight-loss products. The direct-response market for diet and weight-loss products is enormous, encompassing everything from videos and books to exercise equipment, pills to curb the appetite and burn fat, support groups, weight-management programs, and simple products like bathroom scales and fat monitors. Body-conscious Americans spend $40 billion each year to lose weight, and the industry is growing at 5.6 percent annually. The National Center for Health Statistics tells us that an estimated 64 percent of Americans are considered overweight or obese and more than 50 million will go on diets this year. Itís best to feature only one product in each mailing. Build a solid customer base, and then sell additional products on the back end. To charge the premium prices necessary for profitable mail-order marketing in this category, you must give your prospect hope that your product can provide a
Step 4: Radically Increase Your Personal Income 149
solution to his or her weight problem. And, of course, you must offer a strong money-back guarantee.
4. E-mail publishing. There are e-mail publications for virtually every area of interest. Especially profitable market segments include financial investors, sports enthusiasts, hobbyists, business opportunity seekers, and people interested in personal growth. Sources of income for e-mail publishers include subscription fees, advertising revenues, and back-end sales. E-publishers earn money on the back end by offering products and services related to the topics covered in the publication. An extraordinary benefit of e-publishing is that there is very little cost associated with distribution (via the Internet as compared with U.S. mail). The key to success is to maintain a large subscriber base. To do this, you must offer valuable information, adhere to a delivery schedule, provide an easy-to-read and consistent format, and not badger your readers with too much advertising. Once you have built a subscriber base, there are companies that will market your space to potential advertisers.
5. Fitness and exercise videos. Mail-order fitness companies specialize in exercise videos featuring aerobics, boxing workouts, yoga, Pilates, and dozens of other systems. Buyers in this segment are men and women of all ages who are interested in selfimprovement. They are generally middle to upper income, and respond well to targeted direct-response advertising. Itís best to feature only a single product in each mailing. To justify charging a premium price, you must offer a unique routine or regimen, expert instruction, simple and quick workouts, or a unique venue or location. Sources for all of these products can be readily found on the Internet.
6. Gardening seeds and tools. Some 85 million households participated in one or more types of do-it-yourself lawn and garden activities in 2002, according to the National Gardening Association. The indoor and outdoor gardening industry achieves revenues totaling $40 billion per year, and this number is growing by 4 percent annually. Mail-order gardening companies specialize in sales of tools, outdoor power equipment, magazines, books, seeds, bulbs, and plants. To set yourself apart
in this industry, provide high-quality products, ease of ordering, and free educational information via editorial content in your catalog or on your website. Itís also a good idea to consider producing a newsletter.
7. Hobby and craft products. Mail-order companies in this category specialize in kits and supplies for projects such as stained-glass decorations, decorative painting, woodworking, jewelry, and scrapbooking. The industry is very lucrative and growing rapidly, as it is being fueled by several consumer trends. Many consumers are concerned about the shaky economy and are choosing to save money by making their own gifts, decorations, and clothing. Others are making these items to create a second income. The majority of successful mail-order craft companies not only specialize in a particular category, but also offer their products online. This is a seasonal business. During spring and summer (the slow seasons), the focus is on wedding- and anniversary-themed crafts. In the early fall, itís Halloween and Thanksgiving. The Christmas season, as you might expect, is when youíll make your biggest money.
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