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Enterprise wide change superiror results through systems thinking - William J.

William J. Enterprise wide change superiror results through systems thinking - Wiley publishing , 2005. - 353 p.
ISBN: 0-7879-7146-4
Download (direct link): enterprisewidechangesuperi2005.pdf
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Enterprise-Wide Change
Table 8.2. Traditional OD Goals and the Rings
Ring #3: Self-Mastery
Improve personal competency and effectiveness (Trustworthiness issues within oneself)
OD and Change Intervention Topics
Presentation Skills Communication Skills Core Competencies Distance Learning Leadership Development Executive Development Management Development Training Programs in General Core Values
Knowledge/Skill-Based Pay
Ring #3A: One-to-One Interpersonal Relationships
Improve interpersonal and working relationships with others (Trust issues between individuals)
Performance Improvement
Performance Evaluation
Personal Styles
Performance Management Employee Selection Recognition/Thank-You Cards 360-Degree Feedback/Peer Reviews Incentive Compensation Programs EEO/Harassment/Diversity Retention of Employees Situational Leadership™
Job Rotation/Cross-Training Individual Development Plans Human Interaction Labs T-Groups
Conflict Management
Ring #4: Work Teams/Groups
Improve the effectiveness of the work team (Empowerment and role/relationship issues)
Problem Solving Decision Making High-Performance Technology Conflict Management Group Development Team Building
Empowerment Processes/Involvement Group/Team-Based Compensation
Wave After Wave of Changes
Table 8.2. Traditional OD Goals and the Rings, Cont’d
Ring #4A: Inter-Group/ Cross-Functional Groups
Ring #5: Total Organization
Improve the working relationships and business processes between departments (Horizontal collaboration/ integration issues)
Improve the organization's structures and processes to achieve business results (Alignment and attunement issues)
OD and Change Intervention Topics
Project Management Quality Circles Task Forces Problem-Solving Teams Productivity Improvement Process Improvement Total Quality Management Business Process Reengineering Conflict Management Advocacy and Inquiry/Dialogue Appreciative Inquiry Self-Directed Work Teams Workout/Blowout Bureaucracy Causal Loop Learning/Archetypes Cost Accounting
Cultural Change/Transformation Values Development
Installing a Strategic Management System Strategic Change Management/ Implementation Customer Service Key Success Measures/Metrics Force Field Analysis The Balanced Scorecard Human Resource Planning HR Strategic Planning The Learning Organization Transition Management Whole Systems Approach Whole-Scale Change Real-Time Strategic Change Knowledge Management Workforce Management Experiential Learning Cycle Accelerated Learning Power and Influence/Org. Workshop Open Space Technology Gestalt Organizations
Enterprise-Wide Change
Table 8.2. Traditional OD Goals and the Rings, Cont’d
Ring Goals OD and Change Intervention Topics Systems Engineering Systems Dynamics Self-Organizing Systems Complex Adaptive Systems Chaos Theory Profit Sharing/Gain Sharing Merger Integration Teams/Search Conferences Strategic Communications Organization/Strategic Business Design Strategic Marketing and Sales Operational Planning
Ring #5A: Improve the Strategic Planning
Organization organization's Strategic Thinking
Environment sense of direction, Business Unit Planning
response to Vision and Mission Development
its customers, Scenario Planning/Contingency Planning
and proactive Value-Chain Management
management Corporate University
of its environment Systems Thinking
(Adaptation to Creativity/Innovation as a System
environmental Critical Thinking
issues) Needs/Stakeholder Analysis Six Sigma Future Environmental Scanning Survey Feedback Action Research Baldrige Criteria for Performance Excellence ESOPs (Employee Stock Ownership Programs) Benchmarking
Ring #6: Societal/community Societal Change Initiatives
Environment improvement Community Activism
(Community/ Political Involvement
Society) Special-Interest Groups Community Development
Wave After Wave of Changes
Note that the interventions are not listed in any priority. If you are dealing with change at a high level (such as Ring #4, Work Teams), you are automatically also dealing with all the rings lower than #4—The Self and the One-to-One levels as well.
This is not intended to be an exhaustive list of change intervention topics, and we make no claim that we have included every one.
These OD and change interventions can be more effective, in many cases, by utilizing the Simplicity of Systems Thinking (ABC Model) as well. Remember that the ABCs are a new orientation to life, including all aspects of an EWC process.
Over the years the Simplicity of Systems Thinking (ABC Model) has been successfully used in a variety of different ways on all parts of EWC processes. Just as you would adjust the zoom of a camera lens to fit the subject to be photographed, you also adjust the focus level and simplicity of the basic ABC Simplicity of Systems Thinking Model to fit the degree of complexity of the subject matter and wave of change at hand.
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