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MCSE Windows XP Professional For Dummies - Weadock G.

Weadock G. MCSE Windows XP Professional For Dummies - Hungry Minds , 2002. - 169 p.
Download (direct link): windowsxpprofesfordu2002.doc
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The Tracking tab of the Fax icon's property sheet controls the automatic opening of the Fax Monitor window when a fax arrives; the display of a taskbar icon; notification of progress of sent and received faxes; notification by sound; and success and failure notifications.
Installing and Configuring Disks, Tapes, and Printers
Prep Test
1. You're a PC tech support analyst for a large cookie manufacturer. You get a call from Dino, who suddenly is unable to save new documents to his My Documents folder. You've used folder redirection to point My Documents to \\SRV01\USERDOCS\%username%. No one else in Dino's office is experiencing the same problem, and Dino was able to save new files to his My Documents folder yesterday without difficulty. What would be a likely course of action to fix Dino's complaint? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Replace Dino's local hard disk with a larger one.
B. Add a hard disk and mount it to an empty folder on Dino's main hard disk.
C. Add disk space to \\SRV01.
D. Increase the quota limit for Dino.
2. You need to give different priorities to different users who share the same printer on a Windows XP network. You create two different logical printers, A and B, that point to the same physical port. Then, you modify the access control list for each printer. Finally, you change each printer's priority settings.
What number would you specify in order to make Printer A the highest possible priority?
A. 1
B. 9
C. 99
D. 999
3. You're in charge of capacity planning for your network PCs. As part of your responsibilities, you decide to track disk space usage as a function of time. You enable Windows XP disk quotas for this purpose.
How should you configure the quota feature so that you can see, via Event Viewer, when users exceed 50MB and when users exceed 100MB? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Check the Enable Quota Management box for each drive you want to track.
B. Clear the Deny Disk Space to Users Exceeding Quota Limit check box.
C. Click the Do Not Limit Disk Usage radio button.
D. Click the Limit Disk Space To: radio button.
E. Click the Quota Entries button to activate quotas on existing user accounts.
4. A Windows XP Professional computer shares a printer connected to the PC's parallel port. Users of that printer are running Windows XP Professional and Windows 98. You receive a driver update and you want to make sure that every computer on the network gets the new driver. What steps should you take? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Update the driver on the computer sharing the printer.
B. Update the driver on all network clients that use the printer.
C. Update the driver on all Windows XP network clients that use the printer.
D. Update the driver on all Windows 98 network clients that use the printer.
5. You receive a brand new printer preconfigured for TCP/IP networking. Which of the following statements must be true in order to use this printer with Windows XP Professional? (Choose all that apply.)
A. TCP/IP printers have an icon in the Printers folder for queue management, but no property sheets for configuration. You configure all printer options from the Web browser interface.
B. You can use the printer's DNS name when identifying it in the Add Printer Wizard.
C. You can use the printer's IP address when identifying it in the Add Printer Wizard.
D. You should use DHCP to assign IP configuration details to the printer.
6. Wilma calls you with a Windows XP Professional question. Should she update her notebook PC to a dynamic disk? She has heard that dynamic disks offer cool new features. Wilma never uses DOS and her machine is not configured for dual-booting. How should you answer her? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Yes. Dynamic disks have the greatest feature set and the most flexibility.
B. Yes. Dynamic disks are more flexible, and Wilma can easily reverse the setting later if she desires.
C. Yes. Dynamic disks offer the best possible performance.
D. No. Dynamic disks generally offer no benefit for notebook PCs.
7. Betty, your boss, has asked you to configure a network printer for the Windows XP Professional network that you manage for your department. The network consists of 14 PCs running Windows XP Professional and one PC running Windows 2000 Server. The network contains no Macintosh computers, nor does it contain any NetWare servers.
You must decide whether to share the network printer from a Windows XP Professional machine or from the Windows 2000 Server machine. What factors should you consider when making that decision? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Performance
B. Expected print volume
C. Windows licenses
D. Potential future growth
8. Which of the following disk fault tolerance features work with Windows XP Professional without requiring any third party software or specialized hardware? (Choose all that apply.)
C. Mirroring
D. Duplexing
E. Power backup
9. Fred is trying to receive a fax on his standalone Windows XP Professional computer, but he's unable to do so. He's tested his modem via the Phone and Modem Options control panel, and it passes diagnostics. You advise him to check the Advanced Options tab of his Fax control panel, but he reports that no such tab exists. What should you do? (Choose all that apply.)
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