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MCSE Windows XP Professional For Dummies - Weadock G.

Weadock G. MCSE Windows XP Professional For Dummies - Hungry Minds , 2002. - 169 p.
Download (direct link): windowsxpprofesfordu2002.doc
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4. You create an unattended installation script with Setup Manager. Users will install Windows XP Professional from their CD-ROM drives by using the Microsoft-supplied Windows XP CD. You will distribute the answer file on diskette as UNATTEND.TXT. All the user PCs support booting from the CD by using the El Torito specification. During a test, the setup program doesn't seem to use the UNATTEND.TXT file on the diskette, and the program asks the user for answers to all the setup questions interactively. What must you do to fix this problem? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Rename the file WINNT.INF.
B. Rename the file WINNT.SIF.
C. Create a folder named $OEM$ on the hard drive and create a batch file on the diskette that copies UNATTEND.TXT to that folder.
D. Make sure the answer file contains a [Data] section containing the required keys.
5. You have set up a Windows 2002 Server as a RIS server for automating the deployment of Windows XP. However, when you boot a PXE-enabled PC, it can't seem to find the RIS server. What are the possible reasons for this problem? (Choose all that apply.)
A. No DHCP server exists on the subnet, and the router isn't configured to forward DHCP or BOOTP packets.
B. A DHCP server exists on the subnet, but it's down.
C. You must boot PXE-enabled PCs from a diskette created by RBFG.EXE.
D. The PXE BIOS is too old.
E. The BIOS isn't set to boot from the network.
6. What file automatically generates security IDs on cloned machines?
7. Which of the following commands runs before the user logs on to Windows XP Professional for the first time after a fresh installation? (Choose all that apply.)
A. Run Once
B. Run Twice
8. You are creating a dual-boot PC with Windows 98. Microsoft recommends that you install Windows XP Professional into its own:
A. Folder
B. Partition
C. Physical drive
D. Directory
9. What is the minimum amount of RAM specified by Microsoft for a successful Windows XP Professional installation?
A. 16MB
B. 32MB
C. 64MB
D. 128MB
10. What is the name of the answer file for SysPrep's factory mode?
1. B, C, and E. Memorize the syntax because this is a likely candidate for an exam question. Review 'Prepping for Installation.'
2. C. This file is optional. If you use it, put it in the folder %SystemDrive%\ SYSPREP, or on a diskette. As for E, note that OOBEINFO.INI works with the Out Of Box Experience, not the Mini-Setup Wizard. Review 'Using SysPrep.'
3. C. It stands for Remote Boot Floppy Generator - if you can remember that, you're in good shape. Review 'Installing and configuring RIS.'
4. B and D. If you meet these requirements, the setup program automatically uses the answer file on the diskette. You might use this method, for example, to upgrade a bunch of notebook computers not connected to any network. Review 'Creating the distribution point.'
5. A, B, D, and E. PXE uses DHCP to obtain an IP address for itself and for the RIS server. Review 'RIS requirements.'
6. A. This file also activates the Mini-Setup Wizard. Review 'Using SysPrep.'
7. D. The Run Once commands execute after the user logs on and within the user's security context. (No Run Twice commands exist.) Review 'Creating CMDLINES.TXT.'
8. B. To be more specific, unless you're dual booting with Windows XP Home Edition, Microsoft recommends installing every operating system on a multiple-boot machine into its own partition; failing that, install Windows XP onto its own partition, and all other operating systems into a second partition. Review 'Partitioning considerations.'
9. C. It'll run with 64MB, but 'walk' would be a better word. A far cry from Windows 95's minimum requirement of 4MB! Review 'Minimum hardware requirements.'
10. D. Factory mode doesn't activate either the Mini-Setup Wizard or the Out Of Box Experience, and it has its own private answer file. Review 'Using SysPrep.'
Chapter 5: Configuring the User Environment
Exam Objectives
* Enable multiple language support
* Configure multiple language support for users
* Configure local settings
* Configure Windows XP Professional for multiple locations
* Configure and troubleshoot desktop settings
* Configure and troubleshoot accessibility services
Windows XP Professional supports multiple languages, multiple locations, and a wide variety of user-specific and machine-specific desktop settings. You control these settings through the old, familiar 'Control Panel' and through the new (and possibly less familiar) Microsoft Management Consoles. This chapter looks at language, locale, and accessibility settings in detail, and presents some general points on control panel and management console technology.
Quick Assessment
Enable multiple language support
1. Adding language support to Windows XP requires access to ______.
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