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MCSE Windows XP Professional For Dummies - Weadock G.

Weadock G. MCSE Windows XP Professional For Dummies - Hungry Minds , 2002. - 169 p.
Download (direct link): windowsxpprofesfordu2002.doc
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15. Mary is an Administrator of her own Windows XP Professional PC. She runs the Local Security Policy console and changes the Maximum Password Age policy from 60 days to 90 days. However, the next time she restarts, she notices that the policy setting has reverted to 60 days. Why? (Choose the best answer.)
A. A Group Policy setting that overrides Mary's local setting has been made at the domain level.
B. A Group Policy setting that overrides Mary's local setting has been made at the site or domain level.
C. A Group Policy setting that overrides Mary's local setting has been made at the site, domain, or organizational unit level.
D. Mary forgot to choose File?Save to commit her changes to disk.
16. A remote network user is having application problems. Which of the following utilities can you use on your Windows XP Professional PC to diagnose and/or troubleshoot remote computers? (Choose all that apply.)
C. Event Viewer
D. System Monitor
E. Remote Desktop
F. Remote Help Desk
17. You install a new device driver, reboot Windows XP Professional, log on, and discover that the system is no longer working correctly. What should your first system recovery step be? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Restart, press F8, and specify Last Known Good Configuration.
B. Roll back the driver in Device Manager.
C. Restart, press F8, specify Safe Mode, and remove the driver.
D. Roll back to the most recent system restore point.
E. Boot from the Windows XP CD and choose Recovery Console.
18. Jenna complains that she is unable to access the BUDGET folder on Jim's Windows XP Professional computer from her Windows XP Professional machine. Jim has shared the folder by using shared folder permissions as follows: Read access allowed to the Sales group; Change access allowed to the Managers group; and Full Control access denied to the Staff group. Jenna belongs to both the Sales and Staff groups. What can you do to give her access to the BUDGET folder? (Choose one answer.)
A. Make Jenna a member of the Managers group.
B. Have Jim add Jenna's individual user account to the BUDGET folder's permission list, with Full Control access allowed.
C. Make Jenna a member of the Power Users group.
D. Remove Jenna from the Staff group.
19. You're configuring a notebook computer to dial up a private LAN. The notebook computer is equipped with a smart card. Which dial-up security protocol are you most likely to use? (Choose the best answer.)
F. IPsec
20. You're in charge of securing your company's Windows XP network. You decide to study the various settings in the predefined security templates so that you can determine which one is the best fit for your organization. What's the best tool for you to use when studying the settings in the INF template files?
A. The Security Templates snap-in
B. The Security Configuration and Analysis snap-in
C. The Local Security Policy console
D. The Local Group Policy console
E. The SECEDIT program
21. You're the PC tech support manager for Bridget's Widgets Inc. One of your engineer's Windows XP Professional computers has become unstable in recent weeks. You decide to scan the system areas and make a list of all files that don't have a Microsoft digital signature. Which tool would you use to perform this task?
E. Device Manager
22. You get a complaint from Baxter, who believes that another user of his PC, Frieda, is meddling with Baxter's files. You decide to enable auditing on the file system in order to see if Baxter's claims have merit. Which of the following audit policies should you enable in the Local Security Policy console?
A. Audit system events
B. Audit account management
C. Audit process tracking
D. Audit object access
23. Your organization has a TCP/IP network of Windows XP workstations and Windows 2000 Server computers. One of the servers is set up to provide a link to the Internet. Sunny complains that she can connect to any of the local servers on her subnet but not to the public Internet. What's most likely causing this problem? (Choose the best answer.)
A. Sunny's PC has an incorrect IP address on the General tab of the TCP/IP property sheet for the LAN connection.
B. Sunny's PC has an incorrect IP address for the default gateway on the IP Settings tab of the TCP/IP property sheet.
C. No Windows 2000 or 2002 server is running WINS.
D. No Windows 2000 or 2002 server is running DHCP.
24. You install Windows XP Professional onto a portable PC that supports the Advanced Control and Power Interface specification. Jonathan, the portable PC's user, takes his computer to a day-long management meeting. When Jonathan comes back to the conference room after lunch, the PC has shut down and Jonathan lost recent changes to the Word document he was using for note taking. How would you reconfigure Jonathan's computer to make such problems less likely in the future? (Choose all that apply.)
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