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Javascript for dummies 4th edition - Veer E.V

Veer E.V Javascript for dummies 4th edition - Wiley publishing , 2004. - 387 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-7659-3
Download (direct link): javascriptfordummies2005.pdf
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1. Choose EditOPreferencesOPrivacy & SecurityOCookies.
2. Select one of the following options in the Cookies dialog box that appears, as shown in Figure 6-1:
• Disable Cookies.
• Enable Cookies for the Originating Web Site Only (as opposed to any server in the originating domain).
• Enable Cookies Based on Customizable Privacy Settings. (Click the View button to set privacy settings based on the published privacy policies of cookie-setting sites.)
• Enable All Cookies.
^ Appearance ^Navigator History Languages Helper Applications Smart Browsing Internet Search Tabbed Browsing Downloads ^ Composer ^ Mail & Newsgroups ^ Instant Messenger t> ICQ
^Privacy & Security Cookies Images
Popup Windows Forms Passwords Master Passwords SSL
Certificates Validation t> Advanced Offline & Disk Space
Cookies are small pieces of information that some web sites ask to store on (and later retrieve from) your computer
O Disable cookies
O Enable cookies for the originating web site only
© Enable cookies based on privacy settings | View O Enable all cookies
□ Disable cookies in Mail & Newsgroups
□ Ask me before storing a cookie
□ Limit maximum lifetime of cookies to:
© current session
I Manage Stoied Cookies |
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Chapter 6: That's How the Cookie Crumbles 129
Figure 6-2:
Configuring cookie support in Internet Explorer.
Click the Manage Stored Cookies button in the Cookies dialog box to view the cookies stored on your computer.
As you might guess, users who disable cookie support can’t benefit from the cookie-accessing scripts that you create with JavaScript. One way to alert users that they need to turn on cookie support to get the most out of your site is to tell them! Just include the following sentence at the top of your cookie-enabled Web pages: This Web site requires you to turn on cookie support.
To configure cookie support in Internet Explorer, follow these steps:
1. Choose ToolsOInternet Options.
2. In the Internet Options dialog box that appears, click the Privacy tab.
3. Move the slider on the left side of the Privacy tab from all the way up (the Block All Cookies option, as shown in Figure 6-2) to all the way down (the Accept All Cookies option).
The interim options are High, Medium High, Medium, and Low. You can customize any option by clicking the Advanced button.
130 Part II: Creating Dynamic Web Pages
Visiting a cookie-enabled site
When your browser is configured to accept cookies, you can surf to cookie-enabled sites with impunity. Figure 6-3 shows how a cookie can be used to recognize visitors and present them with custom greetings and options.
(You find out how to create a similar custom greeting later in this chapter, in “Displaying content based on cookie contents: The repeat-visitor script.”)
Exploring a cookie file
This section shows you what goes on underneath the covers when you visit a cookie-enabled site.
In Netscape Navigator 7.1, you can examine the cookie file by choosing EditOPreferencesOPrivacy & SecurityOCookies and clicking the Manage Stored Cookies button. The resulting Cookie Manager dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 6-4.
You can get your hands on the raw cookie file that Netscape Navigator generates by loading the file C:\Documents and Settings\Owner\Application Data\Mozilla\profiles\defalt\klambsdn.slt\cookies.txt (which is the text file in which Netscape Navigator 7.1 stores cookies) into your favorite editor.
ù' Welcome - Microsoft Internet Explorei
File Edit View F.ivoiites Tools Help ЇГ
Qüeck - J l*} £| $ y Search Favorites *Jf*Medla Ç _ І _J Ш| dß trf
і Addrets £] https://www.ama геп.com/exec/ob«dos/subst/horr>e/horne.htrnJ/002-1816328-3733647 Hfl»
Figure 6-3:
The results of a cookie: a customized greeting from the folks at Amazon. com.
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