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209 Fast Spare Time ays to Build Zero Cash - Tyler T.H.

Tyler T.H. 209 Fast Spare Time ays to Build Zero Cash - John Wiley & Sons, 2004. - 290 p.
ISBN 0-471-46499-6
Download (direct link): sparetimewaystobuildzero2004.pdf
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to Larger Properties, 47; Forget “Advanced Education” for Your Success, 48; Quick Steps to Make Money in Distant Real Estate, 50;
Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 51
CHAPTER 3: Start Your Real Estate Empire Without
Using Any of Your Own Cash 53
Defining the Zero-Cash Deal, 53; Who Uses Zero-Cash Deals? 54;
Focus on the Down Payment You Need, 54; Use Borrowed Money to Begin Your Empire, 55; Start with a Personal Loan, 56; Where and How Your Personal Loan May Be Made, 57; Secrets to Getting Personal Loans More Easily, 58; Where a Good FICO®
Score Will Get You Your Loan, 59; Use a Secured Loan for Your Down Payment, 59; How Lenders React to Solid Collateral, 60;
Enhance Your Credit with a Guarantor, 61; Use a Home Equity Loan for Your Down Payment, 62; Get Property Improvement Loans for Your Down Payment, 64; Tap into Your Credit Card Lines of Credit, 65; Get the Seller to Finance Your Down Payment,
67; Use a “Gift Letter” for Family Loans, 68; Never Overlook Possible Partners for Your Down Payment Loans, 70; See if You Can Get Some of Your Down Payment Back on Closing, 71; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 72
CHAPTER 4: Bootstrap Your Way to Your Real Estate Cash 75
How to Get in on Good Deals Now, 76; Explore the World of Real Estate Windfalls, 77; How Mortgaging Out Can Work for You, 78;
Use Other Rules of Real Estate for Your Mortgaging Out, 79; How to Apply These Powerful, But Simple Rules, 80; Use Every Method You Can to Mortgage Out, 82; The Powerful Methods You Can Use to Mortgage Out, 83; Build Your Mortgaging-Out Wealth Quickly,
84; Know the Other Perks for You from Mortgaging Out, 86;
Where and How to Start Getting Mortgaging-Out Cash, 87; Try Your Mortgaging-Out Luck on Multi-Family Buildings, 89; If You Have Time and Experience, Mortgage Out in Development, 90;
Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 92
CHAPTER 5: Use Single-Family Homes for
Your Quick Real Estate Start-Up 93
Start with the Possible and Grow Bigger, 93; Know the Numbers of Your Real Estate Opportunities, 94; Now Here Are the Numbers of Your Single-Family Home Wealth, 95; What Types of Single-Family Homes Can Make Me Rich? 97; Now Let’s Get You Started Getting
Rich, 98; Detached Single-Family Home Wealth Building, 98;
Work the Numbers for Each Property You Acquire, 101; Put Your Numbers to Work, 102; See the Numbers of Your Real Estate Fortune,
104; Cautions for You When Buying Any Single-Family Home, 105;
How and Where to Get Single-Family Home Financing, 106; Quick Benefits Offered to You by These Lenders, 107; Your Eight Steps to Quick Single-Family Home Financing, 112; Other Types of SingleFamily Home Investments, 114; Your Moneymaking Tips for SingleFamily Home Success, 117; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 119
CHAPTER 6: Where to Find Money for Your Real Estate
Wealth Building 121
Your Money Sources Are Almost Unlimited, 122; Getting the Easiest of All Real Estate Money, 123; Where to Find First Mortgage Lenders,
123; Finding the Second Easiest Real Estate Loan, 124; Have Others Finance Your Income Property Fix-Up, 126; Get Guaranteed Loans for Your Investment Real Estate, 127; Get Grants for Beneficial Real Estate Projects, 128; Apply for and Get Lines of Credit for Your Investments, 130; Private Financing Could Be Your Key to Riches,
131; Get Your Real Estate Money from Public Sources, 132; Raising Real Estate Money from the Public, 133; Work with Investor Groups for Your Financing, 136; How to Raise Real Estate Money from Limited Partnerships, 137; Use 100 Percent Financing Funders to Get Your Multi-Unit Money, 137; Lenders That Fund Multi-Unit Real Estate Projects, 139; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 144
CHAPTER 7: Creative Financing of Your Real Estate Fortune 145
Quick Proof That Creative Financing Really Works, 145; Seven Reasons Why You May Need Financial Help, 146; How to Overcome Financial Problems, 148; Get Income Property with an Option, 149;
Buy Properties Having Assumable Mortgages, 150; Assumable Mortgage Possibilities for You, 153; Find Zero Percent Down and 100 Percent Lenders, 154; Use a Lease Option Contract to Control Property, 154; Use Credit Card Lines of Credit, 156; Flip Real Estate with Creative Financing, 157; How to Start and Be Successful in Flipping Properties, 158; Take Lenders Out of Foreclosure Properties, 159; How to Be a Hero with Lenders, 159; Work with the FDIC and VA to Flip Properties, 160; Get Section 8 Tenants for Steady Rental Income, 161; Buy and Control Properties in Inner-City Areas, 162; Search for Low, Low Down Payments, 164; Borrow to the Hilt for Income Real Estate, 165; Use Home Equity and
Personal Loans to Build Your Wealth, 166; Mortgage Out to Get Paid for Creative Financing, 167; Other Ways to Creative Financing,
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