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209 Fast Spare Time ays to Build Zero Cash - Tyler T.H.

209 Fast Spare Time ays to Build Zero Cash

Author: Tyler T.H.
Publishers: John Wiley & Sons
Year of publication: 2004
Number of pages: 290
ISBN 0-471-46499-6
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Download: sparetimewaystobuildzero2004.pdf

209 L
7 ÆÃ YEAR in
209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate
209 Fast Spare-Time Ways to Build Zero Cash into 7 Figures a Year in Real Estate
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Copyright © 2004 by Tyler G. Hicks. All rights reserved.
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.
Published simultaneously in Canada.
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Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data:
Hicks, Tyler Gregory
209 fast spare-time ways to build zero cash into 7 figures a year in real estate / Tyler G. Hicks.
p. cm.
Includes index.
ISBN 0-471-46499-6 (PAPER)
1. Real estate investment. I. Title: Two hundred and nine fast spare-time ways to build zero cash into 7 figures a year in real estate.
II. Title.
HD1382.5.H528 2004 332.63'24—dc22
Printed in the United States of America.
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For my wife,
with many thanks for her wise counsel and guidance based on her astute publishing know-how.
INTRODUCTION: How This Book Can Make You Rich on
Zero-Cash Borrowed-Money Real Estate xiii
CHAPTER 1: Build Your Real Estate Wealth on
Other People’s Money 1
Invest in an Item of Lasting Value—Income Real Estate, 3;
Recognize the Many Pluses of Real Estate, 3; Build Your Real Estate Riches Minute by Minute, 5; Start-Ups Win in Almost Every Real Estate Deal, 7; Speedy Results Are Possible in Real Estate, 10; Get in on Zooming Worldwide Growth, 12; Good Financing Can Be Yours Even with Bad Credit, 13; Take the Billions Being Offered to Real Estate Investors Today, 14; Forget about a Real Estate License When You’re an Investor, 15; Get into Non-Ownership Income Real Estate,
16; Plenty of Free Advice and Assistance Can Be Yours, 18; Grow Rich with Tax-Sheltered Real Estate Income, 18; Winners Are the Real Estate Norm, 19; Getting Real Estate Funding the Smart Way,
22; Take the First Step to Your Real Estate Wealth, 22; Your Keys to Real Estate Riches, 24
CHAPTER 2: How to Base Your Real Estate Riches
on Borrowed Money 25
Know Why Income Real Estate Is So Good for You, 26; Pick the Location for Your Future Properties, 27; Local Properties Are Ideal for Beginners, 27; Figure What Down Payment You’ll Need, 28;
Compute Your Needed Starting Cash, 29; Negotiate Your Way to Success, 31; Bootstrap Your Way to Real Estate Ownership, 32; Find Rental Income Assistance Everywhere, 33; Begin Your Income Real Estate Ownership Journey Now, 34; Stay Focused on Your Plan, 36; Manage Your Holdings for Maximum Income, 39; Increase Your Profits from Every Property, 41; Learn All You Can about Your Holdings, 42; Real-Life Examples of Fast Buildup of Ownership Assets, 43; How to Acquire More Residential Income Properties, 46; “Mud Flats” Can Be Money Machines, 46; Expand Your Ownership
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