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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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List of Figures
ft the center ofthe curve slightly. But instead, I decided to finish things offwith an arbitrary map. So I s witched to the Red channel, added three points to the graph, dragged the first and last points up and th e middle point down. This lightened the shadows and highlights while darkening the midtones, resulting in a couple of brightly colored red hats (bottom).Color Plate 181: A duotone is an image created by blending two or more inks. But the term is also used to indicate a ny image created by blending colored inks, whether it contains a single ink (monotone), three inks (trito ne), orfour (quadtone). Printing two or more inks increases the dynamic range ofan otherwise graysca le image, producing darker blacks and richer midtones. The examples on left show the process of build ing up a formerly grayscale image scanned from an imperforate souvenir sheet of postage stamps iss ued in 1936 and captured nearly 70 years laterwith a Umax PowerLook 3000 desktop scanner into fir st a Navy Blue monotone and finally a richly colored quadtone. Each example lists the new ink added t o the mix. The swatches show the curve forthe ink and the color ofthe inkwhen printed on its own. No tice that I have to adjust the curve for each ink every time I add a new one. The Navy Blue ink in partic ular declines radically as the inks build up. This prevents overinking or, since I'm ultimately printing to C MYK, overdarkeninq and ensures smooth transitions from one brightness value to the next.
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15 List of Tables
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List of TablesChapter2: Inside PhotoshopTable 2-1: Scrolling from the Keyboard Chapter4: Defining ColorsTable 4-1: File-Format Support for Photoshop CS Color ModelsChapter 15: Fully Editable TextTable 15-1: Selecting Text from the Keyboard Appendix: Shortcuts and ModifiersTable A-1: Photoshop's Shortcuts and Modifiers
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765 Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB

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