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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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313different height or width than image, 359limitations, 359painting with, 351setting, 349sparkles, 561special effectsCurves command, 911gradually applying, 452453standardized, 487488Special Effects preset, 285special-purpose file formats, 113121 spell checking text, 838839spherical globe, 609Spherize dialog box, 584Spherize filter, 583586, 590, 592splash screen, 16sponge tool, 28, 229230, 259, 898spooling, 949950spot colors, 112, 951spot-color channels, 127, 205206spot-color separations, 863, 979980Sprayed Strokes filter, 565spreading, 539square, constraining, 367square pixel aspect ratio, 8889sRGB (standard RGB) monitor space, 859861Stained Glass filter, 565stamp brush cursor, 314Stamp filter, 565stamp tools, 259, 338343Standard cursor, 64standard window, 3233standardized special effects, 487488Star Trek Iridescent Female effect, 516Start ® Programs ® Accessories ® System Tools ® Clipbook Viewer command, 430Start ® Settings ® Printers command, 952stat cameras, 498states, 346349status bar, 20, 997Stiff mode, 624stochastic screens, 949straight lines, 220222, 305306straight segments, 409, 411413straight-sided selections, 365366Striped Cone style, 771Stroke dialog box, 303304Stroke effect, 732734, 738, 740, 787, 791Stroke Emboss effect, 734Stroke Path command, 420, 424Stroke Path dialog box, 420421Stroke Subpath command, 421strokes, 271applying, 302310colors, 303images, 303304layers, 304simulating pressure, 420thickness, 303stroking, 271paths with paint tools, 421427selection outlines, 303304,
307Studio/32, 213styleskeyboard shortcuts, 10081009smooth lines and curves, 258Styles palette,
771, 775, 808809predefined styles, 779saying groups of layer effects, 792stylus, 258subpaths, 404filling, 420joining, 408joining open, 415merging, 419stroking, 421transforming, 416subscript, 824Subtract blend mode, 755, 759763, 765Subtract Path from Selection (Alt+Enter or Ctrl+Alt+click (Option-Return or z -Option-click)) keyboard shortcut, 428subtractive color model, 171subtractive (CMYK) color theory, 264Sumi-e filter, 565supernova, 299302superscript, 824, 830swapping paths with FreeHand or Illustrator, 429430Swatches palette, 162, 190192SWF (Shockwave Flash) format, 12Switch colors icon, 163Switch Display Mode (Ctrl+Tab (Control-Tab)) keyboard shortcut, 34switchingcolor modes, 864, 972between layer effects, 791between layers, 642644layers, 998
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733 Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB

13.20 Index T
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IndexTtarget, 755756, 765Target Path (Ctrl+Shift+H (z -Shift-H)) keyboard shortcut, 409temporary images, 89test image, 860861 text, 811. See also typeadding inside path, 842843as art, 813816character formatting, 822832character width, 835checking spelling, 838839clipping path, 813committing, 818converting to bitmapped type, 813converting to shapes, 812813creating and manipulating in frame, 820821creation of, 816818deleting, 817distorting, 812, 830editing, 818, 821822editing as shapes, 846848finding and replacing, 839840fonts, 823825formatting,
840841layers, 818paragraph formatting, 811per-character adjustments, 812placing in image window, 817rasterizing, 812813regular, 812rotating, 821scaling, 811, 820821selecting, 821822sliding with arrow tool, 841undoing modifications, 822vector-based, 5warping, 844846work path, 813wrapping around circle, 609text frame, 812text layer, 818Text Only command, 36text-based selection outlines, 812813text-editing mode, 818, 839texturecloning pixels with predefined, 328healing brush tool, 324images, 565merging detail with color and brightness values, 311312patch tool, 329Texture Fill filter, 567texture filters, 565texture map, 630textured lines, 258textured-glass effect, 597Texturizer filter, 356, 358, 565TGA (Targa) format, 121thaw mask tool, 622thermal-wax printers, 949thick-liquid droplet, 591592Threshold command, 877, 881884Threshold dialog box, 73, 719, 881882thumbnail previews, 9091, 95107File Browser, 95resizing, 204205thumbnailscolor channels, 197File Browser,
97, 101102renaming, 101102repeated or misassigned, 101repositioning on-screen, 102rotating, 100viewing multiple images, 83TIFF (Tag Image File Format) files, 61, 134137clipping paths, 124, 433compressing masks, 476TIFF Options dialog box, 61, 135137tiled TIFF files, 137tiles, 21, 562, 564Tiles filter, 562Tiny Lens texture, 598title bar, 17, 38title-safe zone, 85To lower-right corner (End) keyboard shortcut, 50To upper-left corner (Home) keyboard shortcut, 50tolerance, 376378toner, 948tool presets, 3538Tool Presets palette, 246New Tool Preset command, 35tool tips, 25, 57toolbox, 20absolute full screen icon, 33background color icon, 32color controls, 161163color icon, 774color replacement tool, 24controls, 3134default colors icon, 32displaying and hiding, 997feather icon, 17foreground color icon, 31full screen with menu bar icon, 3233go to ImageReady icon, 34hand tool icon, 44keyboard shortcuts, 995996marching ants icon, 32multiple tools sharing slot, 24quick mask icon, 32, 443, 448, 478remembering position of, 58standard window icon, 32switch colors icon, 32tools, 2431, 215zoom tool icon, 44toolsactive, 24add anchor point tool, 29art history brush tool, 28audio annotation tool, 30background eraser tool, 28blur tool, 28brush tool, 27burn tool, 28changing operations, 53clone stamp tool, 27color replacement tool, 27color sampler tool, 30convert point tool, 29crop tool, 26custom shape tool, 30cycling between, 24default settings, 37delete anchor point tool, 29direct selection tool, 29dodge tool, 28ellipse tool, 30elliptical marquee tool, 26eraser tool, 28eyedropper tool, 30freeform pen tool, 29gradient tool, 28hand tool, 31healing brush tool, 27history brush tool, 27horizontal type mask tool, 29horizontal type tool, 29labels or keyboard shortcuts, 57lasso tool, 26line tool, 30Liquify window, 616622magic eraser tool, 28magic wand tool, 26magnetic lasso tool, 26measure tool, 31modifiers, 31, 993move tool, 26name of, 25notes tool, 30paint bucket tool, 28patch tool, 27path selection tool, 29pattern stamp tool, 27pen tool, 29pencil tool, 27polygon tool, 30polygonal lasso tool, 26rectangle tools, 30rectangular marquee tool, 2526rounded rectangle tool, 30selecting images, 435selection, 365367selection state, 381sharing slot in toolbox, 215sharpen tool, 28Shift key associated with keyboard shortcut, 58single-column marquee tool, 26single-row marquee tool, 26slice select tool, 27slice tool, 2^smudge tool, 28sponge tool, 28vertical type mask tool, 29vertical type tool, 29zoom tool, 31Tools ® Folder Options command, 53Top Layer (Shift+Alt+] (Shift-Option-])) keyboard shortcut, 644Total Training for Adobe Illustrator, 9Total Training for Adobe Photoshop, 9, 636Total Training Web site, 9TouchUp Image, 121Trace Contour filter, 579tracingaround edges, 579images, 431traditional undo functions, 345transfer function, 967968Transfer Functions dialog box, 968transfer graph, 968transfer modes, 694Transform (Ctrl+T (z -T)) keyboard shortcut, 41^, 446, 542, 658, 676, 777transformations, 674canceling, 402flipping, 675keyboard shortcuts, 10241026numerical, 679rotating, 675scaling, 675transformingentire image, 675layers, 675678paths, 416418pixels, 675678points, 416selection outlines, 400401, 446shapes, 777subpaths, 416translucencycolors, 259layers, 732translucent pixels, 178translucent type, 814transparencybackground, 178layers, 644646locking, 668preserving, 680682requiring separate layer, 457retaining areas in images, 431settings, 65Transparency & Gamut panel (Ctrl+4 (z -4)) keyboard shortcut, 64transparency & gamut preferences, 6466transparency mask, 644, 656, 680, 758gradient fills, 294295turning off, 736transparent background, 88transparent pixels, 279,
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