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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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376378transforming, 675678zoom ratio, 82plates, 951plug-in modules, 16Plug-ins & Scratch Disks panel, 71Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks panel (Ctrl+7 (z -7)) keyboard shortcut, 69Plug-Ins folder, 7071, 84, 492plug-ins modules, 70PNG format, 120, 170point text, 817, 833point tools, 928929Pointillize filter, 547548, 571572, 630points, 6768. See also anchor pointsadding and deleting, 778appending to end of open path, 415Bezier paths, 409411converting, 405, 416deleting, 415dragging selected, 413removing without breaking path, 415rotating, 418selecting, 413, 778transforming, 416polar coordinates, 607612Polar Coordinates dialog box, 609, 611Polar Coordinates filter, 607612polygon tool, 30, 772, 997polygonal lasso tool, 26, 365366, 371372polygons, 772drawing, 370372number of sides, 997Posterize dialog box, 884885PostScript, 949PostScript file, 970PostScript Level 2, 187PostScript printer, 960PPD (PostScript printer description) files, 953954ppi (pixels per inch), 78Prairie Group Web site, 94predefinedcolors, 185187fills, 278gradients, 997layer styles,
997patterns, 311shapes, 997preference panels, 5455preferences, 52changing tool operations, 53cycling, 54display & cursors, 6364environmental adjustments, 53file handling, 5962general, 5559locking file, 53transparency & gamut, 6466units & rulers, 6668Preferences dialog box, 55Allow Background Processing option, 75Always option, 113Always Save option, 60, 91Append File Extension option, 61Ask Before Saving Layered TIFF Files option, 61Ask option, 113Ask When Saving option, 6061, 91Auto-Update Open Documents option, 57Beep When Done option, 58Bicubic option, 56, 583, 678Bicubic Sharper option, 56Bicubic Smoother option, 56Bilinear option, 56,
583Both radio button, 58Brush Size option, 64, 237Cache Levels option, 7273Choose option, 70Color Channels in Color check box, 63, 174, 196198Color Picker (Adobe) option, 56Color Picker pop-up menu, 163Color pop-up menu, 69Column Size option boxes, 86Concise option, 59Custom Thumbnail
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Size option, 75Detailed option, 59Display & Cursors panel, 6364, 174, 196, 237, 664Display Most Recently Used Folders in Location Popup option, 75Do Not Process Files Larger than (200MB) option, 74Dynamic Color Sliders option, 58Edit Log Items pop-up menu, 59Enable Large Document Format (.psb) option, 62, 120Enable Version Cue Workgroup File Management option, 62Export Clipboard check box, 57, 430File Browser panel, 7475file extension, 109File Extension option, 61 File Handling panel, 5962, 83, 89, 91, 110, 120First scratch disk option, 71Full Size option, 60General panel, 46, 5559, 107, 215, 220, 678, 812Grid Colors pop-up menu, 65Grid Size pop-up menu, 65Gridline Every option, 672Guides, Grid & Slices panel, 6869, 671672High Quality Previews option, 75History Log option, 5859, 107History States option, 56, 347Icon option, 60Ignore EXIF profile tag option, 61Ignore EXIF sRGB tag option, 61Image Interpolation (Bicubic) option, 56Image Previews area, 6061 Image Previews option, 110Image Previews pop-up menu, 60, 91Interpolation option, 583Keep Sidecar Files with Master Files option, 75Legacy Photoshop Serial Number option, 70Macintosh Thumbnail check box, 60, 91Maximize PSD File Compatibility option, 62, 113Maximum Used by Photoshop value, 7374Memory & Image Cache panel, 7274Memory Usage option, 7374Metadata option, 58Nearest Neighbor option, 583Nearest Neighbor (Faster) option, 56Never option, 61New Document Preset Resolutions option, 67, 85Other Cursors (Standard) option, 64Painting Cursors (Brush Size) option, 64Parse XMP Metadata from Non-Image Files option, 75Plug-Ins & Scratch Disks panel, 6971Point/Pica Size option, 6768Precise option, 64Recent file list contains (10) files option, 62Recent File List Contains option box, 89Render Vector Files option, 75Reset All Warning Dialogs button, 59Reset All Warnings Dialogs button, 201Rulers pop-up menu, 87Save Palette Locations option, 58Second pop-up menu, 71Sessions Only option, 59Show Asian Text Options check box, 57, 812Show Font Names in English option, 58Show Tool Tips option, 57Slices option, 69Style option, 69Style pop-up menu, 69Subdivisions value, 672Text File radio button, 58Third pop-up menu, 71Thumbnail options, 60Traditional option, 68Transparency & Gamut panel, 6466, 644Type pop-up menu, 67, 87, 825826, 836Units & Rulers panel, 22, 6668, 8587, 825, 836Units option, 67Use Cache for Histograms in Levels check box, 73Use Diffusion Dither option, 6364Use Lower Case check box, 61, 109Use Pixel Doubling check box, 64, 664Use Shift Key for Tool Switch check box, 58, 195, 215, 220Use Smart Quotes option, 58Use Video Alpha check box, 65Windows Thumbnail options, 60Zoom Resizes Windows option, 46, 57Preferences dialog box (Illustrator), 430preferences files, 53Preferences (Ctrl+K (z -K)) keyboard shortcut, 46, 54, 55Prefs file, 5354Premiere Pro, 127Preset Manager, 3738Brushes panel, 244deleting gradients, 299Save Set button, 244Swatches panel, 192Preset Manager command, 37Preset Manager dialog boxDelete button, 245Load button, 244Load option, 285pattern presets, 273Preset Type pop-up menu, 37Rename button, 245Replace Brushes command, 244Replace option, 285Reset Gradients command, 285Preset palette, 237presetsblur filters, 519brush shapes, 235236brushes, 997layer styles, 809shapes, 775sharpening filters, 506Presets folder, 191presets palette, 235, 243Presets/Brushes folder, 243pressure-sensitive drawing tablets, 245, 248adjusting tool pressure, 615airbrushes, 251angle of pen, 249fading brushstrokes, 249sloppiness factor, 374previewingclipping paths, 772CMYK color space, 173174File Browser, 97filters, 492494gradient fills, 284masks, 465, 468Photo CD format, 139unaltered source pixels, 329previewing filters, 492494Previous Brush Mode (Shift+minus ()) keyboard shortcut, 262Previous Layer (Alt+[ (Option-[)) keyboard shortcut, 644Previous Palette Option (Shift+Tab) keyboard shortcut, 43Previous Preference Panel (Alt+P (z -Option-P)) keyboard shortcut, 54Print dialog box, 952, 968Print (Ctrl+P (z -P)) keyboard shortcut, 952Print One Copy (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P (z -Option-Shift-P)) keyboard shortcut, 952Print with Preview dialog box, 954, 973Background button, 957Bleed button, 958Border button, 957Calibration Bars option, 958Center Crop Marks option, 959Center Image check box, 957Color Management option, 961, 977Corner Crop Marks option, 958Description option, 106, 959960Document option, 961Emulsion Down check box, 960Encoding pop-up menu, 960Height option, 80Include Vector Data check box, 960Intent pop-up menu, 961Interpolation option, 958Labels check box, 960Left check box, 957Negative option, 960Output option, 952, 957, 962Page Setup button, 952, 954Print button, 952, 968Print Selected Area check box, 957Profile options, 961Proof option, 961Registration Marks option, 958Same As Source option, 961Scale option box, 80Scale to Fit Media check box, 957Scale value, 81Scaled Print Size controls, 954Scaling options, 957Screen button, 952, 958, 964Separations option, 977Show Bounding Box option, 957Show More Options check box, 952, 954, 957Show More Options section, 21Source Space options, 961Top check box, 957Transfer button, 952, 958Width option, 80, 958Print with Preview (Ctrl+Alt+P (z -Option-P)) keyboard shortcut, 80, 952, 954printed images, changing brightness and contrast, 126printer drivers for PC, 953printer pixels, 948, 963964printers, 948custom transfer functions, 968Macintosh, 954paper source, 956PCs, 952953pixels, 7for printing CMYK
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