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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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843distorting, 418distributing, 419dragging curved segment, 413dragging selected points,
413dragging straight segment, 413drawing, 404412duplicating, 418editing, 366, 404, 412419end point, 842exporting, 431extending open, 407feathering, 420filling, 419420fitting type on, 840843freeform pen tool, 411handles, 406hiding, 409importing, 429430inserting point in segment, 415interior points, 415joining subpaths, 408, 415keyboard shortcuts, 10211024leaving open, 407magnetic pen tool, 411412merging, 419mirror image, 418moving, 419moving around image, 841moving origin, 418numerical transformations, 418operation of, 404overlapping areas,
408overview, 403406painting along, 420427path tools, 404406perspective effect, 418removing point without breaking path, 415reshaping, 406, 412414, 843rotating, 418saving, 404, 429scaling, 418segments, 404selecting, 366, 406selecting points, 413shape tools, 403, 405skewing,
418softening outline of filled area, 420start point of text, 842stroking with paint tools, 421427subpaths, 404swapping with Illustrator, 429430transforming, 416418type on, 10Paths palette, 403Clipping Path command, 432Flatness option box, 432433Make Selection command, 404, 427, 428Make Work Path command, 427, 428path name, 428reactivating paths, 408Save Path command, 404, 429Stroke Path command, 420stroke path icon, 421, 423Vector Mask item, 778Work Path item, 404, 422, 429, 432, 843Pattern Fill dialog box, 779pattern layer, 710Pattern Overlay effect, 732, 740, 790Pattern palette, 273pattern presets, 273pattern stamp tool, 27, 311patternsborders, 304custom dither pattern, 184185filling selections with, 272282filling shapes, 779layers, 790predefined, 311reversing darks and lights, 802scaling, 802as texture map, 802Patterns folder, 185PC MACLAN, 89PC Paintbrush, 116PCsaccessing splash screen, 16Adobe Gamma control panel, 852, 854856Adobe Gamma Wizard, 858choosing printer, 952953DLL (dynamic link library), 948guides, 671opening elusive files, 92Photoshop CS desktop, 1718printer drivers, 953Printers control panel, 952raw documents, 140setting up destination space, 858859thumbnail preview, 91TIFF format, 136tool name,
24Windows drivers, 948PCX files, 116PDF (Portable Document Format) files, 11, 116118, 135PDF Options dialog box, 117118PDF Presentation command, 1112, 116PDF Presentation dialog box, 987988PDF slideshows, 1112, 987988pen tool, 29, 366, 403412, 778, 840pencil tool, 27, 924,
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727 Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB

930erasing, 217as erasing tool, 263erasing with, 351translucency of colors, 259Pencil-style eraser, 350perfect resolution, 8182Perlin-based fractal noise, 626perpendicular line, painting, 222225perspective, 677Perspective (Ctrl+Shift+Alt (z -Shift-Option)) keyboard shortcut, 418Photo CD dialog box, 138139Photo CD format, 138139, 176Photo Filter command, 12Photo Filter dialog box, 903904Photocopy filter, 565photographs100-percent view size or larger, 336adjusting focus, 552554altering, 4brush modes, 337changing source of clone, 337checking original photo, 336copyrights, 555correcting mistakes with healing brush, 338cropping after retouching, 336depth-of-field, 534eliminating bad channels, 335eliminating distracting background elements, 338343fading clone, 337grain, 337history brush, 337noise, 337painting in short strokes, 337red-eye, 232234resolution, 82restoring old, 332338retouching, 330343sharpening grainy, 508511varying brush hardness, 337Photomerge command, 12Photomerge dialog box, 989, 991992Photomerge feature, 989Photoshop ® Color Settings command, 852, 856, 870Photoshop ® Photoshop command, 16Photoshop ® Preferences ® General command, 53Photoshop ® Preferences command, 54Photoshop CSbackward compatibility, 62comprehensive editing in 16-bit mode, 10customizable keyboard shortcuts, 10definition of, 34factory defaults, 52features, 912improved File Browser, 9integrated Camera Raw support, 910layer comps, 9Macintosh operating system, 3navigating, 4352on-screen nouns and verbs, 15operating efficiency, 23operations timing, 2324pasting Illustrator path into, 430restoring factory default settings, 53serial numbers, 70special dialect, 15splash screen, 16Welcome Screen, 1617when to use, 8Windows operating system, 3Photoshop CS Bible, Professional Edition, 12, 945Photoshop CS desktop, 1718docking well, 20floating palettes, 20, 3840image window, 19information box, 2024menu bar, 17Options bar, 20, 3435scroll bars, 17status bar, 20title bar, 17tool presets, 3537toolbox, 20toolbox controls, 3134tools, 2431Photoshop Elements, 113, 232, 769, 989Photoshop Only folder, 191Photoshop Raw, 120, 139142picas, 6768PICS format, 142PICT (Macintosh Picture) files, 119Picture CD, 139picture package, creation of, 982984Picture Package command, 12, 982Picture Package dialog box, 983984Picture Package Edit Layout dialog box, 12, 984Pillow Emboss effect, 787Pin Light blend mode, 718719, 721, 725, 727Pin Light Blend Mode (Shift-Option-Z) keyboard shortcut, 703Pin Light brush mode, 267Pin Light filter, 576Pinch dialog box, 584Pinch filter, 583586Pixar format, 120Pixar workstations, 120pixel aspect ratio, 85, 8889pixelate filters, 570575pixels, 4, 67, 77, 772adding when resampling, 148averaging, 331, 549551blending altered with original, 350blending source point and original, 323324brightness value, 273brush modes, 337changing lightness or darkness, 268changing to black or white, 180cloning, 313319, 327color corrections, 920921converting for consistency on-screen, 863864converting to black and white, 514darkening, 263deleting range of similarly colored, 351dithering, 181, 704editing in straight line, 220erasing, 312fading, 337filling contiguous, 275freezing and thawing, 622623increasing or decreasing affected by paint bucket tool, 273interpolating, 56locking, 668measuring, 78mixing neighboring together, 565opacity, 337painting programs, 5printers, 7randomizing transparency, 796range modified, 934replicating, 311resolution, 6screening light, 266tolerance,
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