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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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350, 352, 453modifying tool performance, 3Tno" symbol button, 678None option, 831numerical transformation controls, 679Once option, 233, 462Opacity option, 259, 275, 285, 316, 350, 352, 459Opacity pop-up menu, 153Palettes button, 38Paths button, 404, 405, 421, 842Paths icon, 366Pattern drop-down palette, 273Pattern option, 273Pen Pressure check box, 374, 412Pencil option, 350Perspective check box, 153preset shape, 774Print Size button, 45Protect Foreground Color check box, 462radial gradient icon, 300Radius value, 772Range pop-up menu, 269relocating on-screen, 34Reset Gradients command, 285Resize Windows to Fit check box, 45Reverse check box, 285Rotate option box, 402Sample Size pop-up menu, 193Sampling option, 233Sampling pop-up menu, 462Saturate option, 229, 230Scroll All Windows check box, 50selecting brightness ranges, 376377selection state buttons, 380381Shape Layers button, 454Shape menu, 740Shape option, 774shapes, 774Sharp option, 831832Shield check box, 153Show Bounding Box check box, 416, 676, 777showing and hiding, 34Sides value, 772Size control, 144Smooth option, 831832Snap to Pixels option, 775Source buttons, 328Source option, 328Start check box, 306Strength and Finger Painting controls, 226228Strength option, 226, 259Strong option, 832Style pop-up menu, 358, 368, 823Subtract from path area button, 408subtract mode, 380tabbing through options, 43text warp button, 845Tolerance check box, 130, 234, 273, 281, 358, 375378, 385, 459, 462transformation option boxes, 401402Transparency check box, 285286, 452Transparent check box, 329type controls, 816Use All Layers check box, 227228, 317, 328, 375, 378379, 459V (vertical) skew box, 402varying performance of active tool, 215W (width) box, 402Weight option box, 306, 774Width option, 306, 368, 374, 412ordinals, 825out of gamut colors, 66Outer Glow effect, 784outline, 271out-of-gamut colors, 897899out-of-gamut pixels, 899output, organizing images for, 980992output devices, 81, 948ovals, 772Overlay blend mode, 565, 576, 581, 593, 712715, 724725, 747Overlay brush mode, 266, 354Qverlay mode, 581 Overprint Colors dialog box, 976977
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13.16 Index P
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IndexPPage Setup dialog box, 126, 954, 956, 973, 977Page Setup (Ctrl+Shift+P (z -Shift-P)) keyboard shortcut, 954, 973page-layout resolution, changing, 81PageMaker and clipping paths, 124, 433pages, printing, 968970paint bucket tool, 28background color, 273calculating all layers for fill, 275 276changing color translucency, 275coloring image window area around image, 277as erasing tool, 263filling selections, 272277foreground color, 273increasing or decreasing number of pixels affected by, 273lack of precision, 278limiting area affected by, 276options, 273277softening effect, 274translucency of colors, 259use inside selection, 280282Paint Shop Pro, 4, 213paint tools, 214adjusting Opacity and Flow values, 258261applying color behind image on active layer, 263brush
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Index 726

dynamics, 245brush modes, 262268brush tool, 215216fading, 234modifying brush shape, 235238painting normally, 262pencil tool, 217stroking paths, 421427Painter, 213painting, 56airbrush, 216along path, 420427to any point in time, 352355basic techniques, 220234finite in scale,
5foreground color, 215history brush tool, 352355inside selection masks, 438441inside shape layer, 780interior of path, 419420keyboard shortcuts, 10061007lines, 215216, 217perpendicular line, 222225resolution, 56in short strokes, 337with source state, 351straight line, 220222textured lines, 258on transparent pixels, 645undoing, 234painting programs, 45, 8, 213214, 364painting tools, 5Palette Knife filter, 565Palette Options command, 52palettesattaching to Options bar, 35, 40close button, 38collapse box, 3940displaying and hiding, 997docking, 4042function keys, 997hiding, 34keyboard shortcuts, 997998menu, 39moving on-screen, 38number of colors in, 178option labels or keyboard shortcuts, 57options, 39rearranging, 4042remembering position of, 58resizing, 41restoring to default, 42saving custom arrangements, 42scroll bars, 38separating from other palettes, 42size boxes, 38snapping to edge of screen, 38tabbing through options, 43tabs, 39title bar, 38panoramas,
12, 989992Pantone, 187Pantone channel, 127paragraph formatting, 811, 832alignment options, 833834composition methods, 837838default glyph value, 835default letter spacing, 835default word spacing, 835hyphenation, 836837indents, 836justification options, 834835line breaks, 837838paragraph spacing, 836Roman hanging punctuation, 834Paragraph palette, 38, 816Adobe Every-line Composer option, 837Adobe Single-line Composer option, 837alignment options, 833834Asian characters, 57center option, 834835force justify, 834835Hyphenate check box, 836Justification command, 827, 835left justify option, 834835Roman Hanging Punctuation option, 834paragraph spacing, 836paragraph text, 812, 817818, 820821, 844Paragraph Text Size dialog box, 820parallel ripples and waves, 597606passwords and PDF files, 118Paste dialog box, 430Paste Info (Ctrl+Shift+V (z -Shift-V)) keyboard shortcut, 685Paste (Ctrl+V (z -V)) keyboard shortcut, 386Paste Layer Style command, 806807Paste Layer Style to Linked command, 806pastingIllustrator path into Photoshop, 430image from Clipboard, 84inside selection outlines, 685patch tool, 27, 311312, 329patching images, 328329Patchwork filter, 565path selection tool, 29, 366, 406path tools, 403406paths, 366adding and deleting points and segments, 405, 415416adding text inside, 842843aligning, 419anchor points, 406, 409413Bezier, 406Bezier control handles, 406, 409, 414, 840clipping paths, 432434cloning, 418closing, 407closing open path, 415converting points, 405, 416converting selections to, 428converting to selection outline, 229converting to selections, 427428copying and pasting, 430deactivating and reactivating, 408deleting, 419deleting anchor points, 405deleting point and breaking path, 415deleting segment, 416different layers of text on,
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