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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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723 Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB

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13.13 Index M
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IndexMMac OS 9, 119Mac OS XDisplay Calibrator Assistant, 853854dynamic memory allocation, 73Home folder ® Library ® Preferences ® Adobe Photoshop CS Settings path, 53image previews, 92launching Photoshop, 16Photoshop CS desktop, 17, 19Macintosh, 3accessing splash screen, 16choosing printer, 954Display Calibrator Assistant, 852embedding Adobe RGB profile into test image, 857858file extensions, 109110finding lost files, 9495folder hierarchy for image file, 90guides, 671image window, 19opening elusive files, 9294Print Center utility, 952, 954raw documents, 140resizing image window, 19selecting ideal working space, 856857thumbnail preview, 91TIFF format, 136type code, 9293Macromedia Dreamweaver, 168magenta, 171172magic eraser tool, 28, 312, 351, 457459magic wand tool, 26, 366, 3853 by 3 Average option, 3785 by 5 Average option, 378brightness value, 376defining selection with all layers, 375midtones maintaining higher range, 376options, 375379Point Sample option, 378range of colors, 375, 376378selecting contiguous region, 375selecting from all layers, 378379selecting from single channel, 377Smooth command,
383softening selection, 375Tolerance value, 130magnetic lasso tool, 26, 366, 372375magnetic pen tool, 366, 405, 411412magnetic selections, 372375magnification box, 47, 52mainstream file formats, 131137Make Selection command, 427Make Selection dialog box, 427Make Work Path dialog box, 428Maple Leaves brush, 254mapping colors, 875mapping systems, 609marching ants, 364Mardi Gras effect, 230marquee, 25, 364, 368369marquee toolscropping selection, 156feathering selection before drawing, 387feathering selections, 370mask channels, 211adding, 205changing settings, 206editing, 478editing selection outline inside, 478independent, 474478saving selection outline to, 474476selecting to mix, 757758viewing, 477478maskinggroups of layers, 686687layers, 680687and unmasking effects, 736740masks, 435adding base colors to selection, 469adding to selection outline, 477area staying thawed, 623automatically generating, 457474background eraser tool, 460462blurring, 539544building from image, 478486changing color, 478changing opacity, 466467, 478Color Range command, 468474combining, 765768compositing, 758759compressing, 476converting to selection, 477definition of, 436editing boundary, 467editing in quick mask mode, 444446Extract command, 462468free-form selections, 435generating selection outline, 472gradients as, 449453image window, 470inverting, 485, 623keeping frozen and thawed areas, 623keyboard shortcuts, 10191021layer as, 759layer-specific, 682685load and save settings, 472magic eraser tool, 457459previewing, 465, 468quick mask mode, 442446removing colors from selection, 469removing stray pixels, 467replacing current, 623reversing selection, 470saving to new multichannel document, 476saving to separate channel, 475selecting by predefined colors, 472selecting images, 435437selection outlines, 436, 759sharpening edges, 467toggling preview, 470viewing, 477478viewing in Channels palette, 476viewing independent of image, 436Match Color command, 11, 907908Match Color dialog box, 907908Match Image Size & Resolution (Ctrl+Alt+N (z -Option-N)) keyboard shortcut, 86Match Location command, 51Match Zoom and Location command, 51Match Zoom command, 51matchingcolor cast, 907908colors, 11Matte color, 178maximizing images, 3233Maximum filter,
511, 539measure tool, 31, 155, 673674Median filter, 5Ц, 549551, 557, 910memoryavailability and consumption, 2223dynamic allocation, 73layers, 21usage, 7374Memory & Cache panel (Ctrl+8 (z -8)) keyboard shortcut, 72menu bar, 17Menu Bar (Shift+F) keyboard shortcut, 33menus, 994Mercator projection, 609Merge Channels dialog box, 207Merge Channels (Ctrl+Shift+E (z -Shift-E)) keyboard shortcut, 719Merge Down (Ctrl+E (z -E)) keyboard shortcut, 654Merge (Ctrl+E (z -E)) keyboard shortcut, 781Merge Layers (Ctrl+E (z -E)) keyboard shortcut, 708Merge Visible (Ctrl+Shift+E (z -Shift-
E)) keyboard shortcut, 654mergingimages, 989992images with foreground image, 755759layers, 654655, 708, 781paths, 419spot-color channel, 206metadataFile Browser, 9798non-image files, 75sidecar files, 75templates, 107metallic coating, 580581Mezzotint filter, 571575mezzotint-like effect, 181mezzotints, 572575Microsoft Paint, 114midtones, 916increasing or decreasing, 944lightening or darkening, 269neutralizing, 888target values, 919Midtones brush mode, 269Minimum filter, 539543, 571Miramar Systems Web site, 89mirror tool, 620miscellaneous keyboard shortcuts,
10301031 misregistration, 973mixing images, 696697, 757modifiers, 993998moire patterns, 555557Molecular pattern, 543Molecular Pattern Overlay effect, 796Monitor RGB working space, 862monitorsbrightness levels, 853calibrators, 851gamut, 862RGB devices, 173source,
853856Mosaic effect, 562, 564, 571Mosaic filter, 353, 571572Mosaic Tiles filter, 565mosaics,
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