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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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790source image, 757stacking order, 725sticking layer effects to, 791straightening crooked,
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Index 722

674strokes, 304switching, 642644, 998switching to layer mask, 685temporarily hiding and displaying, 642text, 818three-dimensional beveled edge, 787transformation origin, 676transforming, 675678translucency, 732transparency, 644646uniting into sets, 665668versatility, 636visibility, opacity, and blend modes information, 689width of stroke aligning with perimeter, 802Layers palette, 636, 809add layer mask icon, 781add layer style icon, 784adjustment layers, 936937Background command, 647Background item, 644Blend Mode option, 732blend mode pop-up menu, 653,
662blend modes, 262Blending Options option, 697chain-link icon, 664closed folder, 644Color option, 910Dock to Palette Well command, 639Drop Shadow option, 455eyeball icon, 642, 644F7 keyboard shortcut, 307, 997Fill option, 653, 696, 698, 701702, 732Fill slider, 701Flatten Image command, 655folder icon, 665666gradient thumbnail, 742layer contents thumbnail, 779layer mask icon, 683684layer mask thumbnail, 684layer set, 644link column, 664listing layers, 642Lock all button, 668Lock buttons, 350, 457, 460Lock icon, 998Lock pixels button, 668Lock position button, 668Lock Transparency button, 668, 681682mixing images, 696Mode option, 665New Layer command, 639new layer icon, 639641New Set From Linked command, 667, 742Opacity option, 456, 653, 658, 696698, 700702, 814Opacity slider, 701Palette Options command, 205, 639Pass Through option,
665recording snapshots as states, 689renaming layers, 818reordering adjustment layers, 939Screen option, 662switching between layers, 642thumbnails, 642trash can icon, 655, 778type layer,
813vector mask, 775vector mask thumbnail, 778layer-specific masks, 682685leading, 826827,
835Left Align Last Line (Ctrl+Shift+J (z -Shift-J)) keyboard shortcut, 835Left one screen (z -Control-K) keyboard shortcut, 50Left one screen (Ctrl+Page Up (z -Page Up)) keyboard shortcut, 50Left slightly (z -Control-Shift-K) keyboard shortcut, 50Left slightly (Ctrl+Shift+Page Up (z -Shift-Page Up)) keyboard shortcut, 50Lens Blur dialog box, 535538Lens Blur filter, 11, 534538Lens Flare filter, 561562, 567, 624, 886Levels command, '877, 911, 914922Levels dialog box, 73, 482, 894, 914916, 918921Levels (Ctrl+L (z -L)) keyboard shortcut, 482, 914, 921ligatures, 825Lighten blend mode, 545, 708, 710Lighten brush mode, 264lighting controls, 802lighting effects, 624adding more light, 629angle of light, 628629clouds, 625626color of light, 628editing elliptical footprint of light, 629fibers, 626lighting images, 626630manual, 656657saving, 629type of light, 628Lighting Effects dialog box, 627630Lighting Effects filter, 624, 626630, 886lighting images, 626630Lightness channel, 503limitcheck errors, 123line breaks, 837838line drawing, converting images into, 514line tool, 30, 220, 305306, 308, 454, 774Linear Burn blend mode, 708, 716717Linear Burn brush mode, 264Linear Dodge blend mode, 712, 716717, 753Linear Dodge brush mode, 266Linear Dodge (Shift+Alt+W) keyboard shortcut, 703Linear Dodge mode, 551 linear gradation, 450, 592linear gradient style, 287Linear Light blend mode, 716717, 725, 728, 749, 750Linear Light brush mode, 266lines, 217, 997Link State (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+right-click (z -Shift-Option-Control-clicking)) keyboard shortcut, 664linked layers, 667668, 672, 686linkinglayer and layer mask, 685layer sets, 668layers, 664665Liquify command, 583, 612624Liquify filter, 11Liquify (Ctrl+Shift+X (z -Shift-X)) keyboard shortcut, 614, 658Liquify window, 622Add to selection option, 623Affine mode, 624Amplitwist mode, 624bloat tool, 617618Brush Density setting, 615, 622Brush Pressure option, 615, 618, 622Brush Rate option, 615Brush Size option, 614Displace mode, 624forward warp tool, 616freeze mask tool, 622freezing and thawing pixels, 622623frozen regions, 615Intersect with selection option, 623Invert selection option, 623layers, 615Loose mode, 624Mask All button, 622Mask Color pop-up menu, 615616Mesh Size pop-up menu, 616mirror tool, 620Mode pop-up menu, 615, 623None button, 622Opacity option, 615pucker tool, 617, 618Push left tool, 618Reconstruct button, 623Reconstruct Options section, 623reconstruct tool, 623Replace selection option, 623Reset button, 623Restore All button, 623Revert mode, 624Rigid mode, 624Save Mesh button, 616saving distortions, 616Show Backdrop check box, 615Show Image check box, 616, 624Show Mask check box, 615Show Mesh check box, 616Show Mesh option, 624Smooth mode, 624Stiff mode, 624Stylus Pressure check box, 615Subtract from selection option, 623thaw mask tool, 622toolbox, 614tools, 616622turbulence tool, 620Turbulent Jitter option, 620621twirl clockwise tool, 617twirl counterclockwise tool, 617Live Picture, 776LiveMotion, 769Load Tool Presets command, 37local cache, 102Lock and Unlock Guides (Ctrl+Alt+semicolon (;)
(z -Option-semicolon (;))) keyboard shortcut, 671lockingguides, 671layers, 668, 998pixels, 668transparency, 668transparent pixels, 457long file names, 89Loose mode, 624lossless compression schemes, 114lossless Huffman encoding, 132lossy compression routines, 114Lower Baseline Value (Shift+Alt+down arrow (Shift-Option-down arrow)) keyboard shortcut, 830low-resolution imagesantialiasing printed appearance, 958help disguising, 770low-resolution proxy images, 64lpi (lines per inch), 81, 965Lumina, 213luminosity, 175, 268, 904Luminosity blend mode, 565, 723724, 750Luminosity brush mode, 268LZW (Lempel-Ziv-Welch) compression, 114, 116
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