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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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721 Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB

732filling entire image window, 736Gradient effect, 790how far expanding or contracting, 796Inner Bevel effect, 787Inner Glow effect, 784Inner Shadow effect, 784interior effects, 732knockouts, 740layers, 792Outer Glow effect, 784Pattern Overlay effect, 790Pillow Emboss effect, 787printing as vector output, 792rate of fading, 796Satin effect, 789saving as layer styles, 808809saving groups of, 792shadows, 795shape layers, 792softening corners, 796sticking to layer, 791Stroke effect, 787, 791switching between, 791temporary, 791translucent, 794type, 814Layer Mask Display Options dialog box, 938layer masks, 455, 682, 758active, 683adding to layer set, 685adding to shape layer, 781adjustment layers, 937, 939automatically converting selections to, 684automatically creating, 685changing color, 684compositing, 765768converting to selection, 685default colors, 684deleting, 685editing, 683versus erasing, 351 hiding everything, 684linking with layer, 685as red overlay, 684reversing, 684switching to layers, 685turning off, 684viewing, 684layer sets, 644, 666668applying layer mask to, 685nesting, 1011Layer Style dialog box, 304, 938Advanced Blending options, 732745, 745Altitude option, 802Angle option, 794795Angle value, 802Anti-aliased check box, 796Bevel and Emboss option, 787Bevel and Emboss panel, 792, 800802Blend Clipped Layers as Group check box, 734737, 741Blend If pop-up menu, 745Blend If sliders, 697, 745754Blend Interior Effects as Group check box, 732733, 735737, 807Blend Mode option, 697, 732, 740Blend Mode pop-up menu, 653, 792, 794Blending Options panel, 697, 731754, 807Blending Options section, 779Channels options, 740Chisel Hard option, 800Chisel Soft option, 800Choke option, 795Color option, 790Color swatch, 794Contour option, 788789, 796Contour panel, 800Deep option, 741742Depth option, 801Direction area, 802Distance option, 795Down radio button, 802Drop Shadow command, 784Drop Shadow panel, 792Fill Opacity option, 697, 740Fill Opacity slider, 732Fill Opacity value, 732734, 742General Blending area, 653Gloss Contour option, 796Gradient option, 790Inner Glow command, 784Inner Glow panel, 792, 800Inner Shadow command, 784Inner Shadow panel, 792Invert check box,
802Jitter option, 800Knockout pop-up menu, 697, 740745Layer Knocks Out Drop Shadow check box, 798Layer Mask Hides Effects check box, 737, 739Layer slider bar, 746Link/Align with Layer check box, 802New Style icon, 808Noise option, 796None option, 741Opacity option, 697, 732, 792, 794Opacity slider, 735Opacity value, 653Outer Glow command, 784Outer Glow panel, 792, 799800panels, 792Pattern Overlay option, 790Pattern Overlay panel, 802Position pop-up menu, 802Precise check box, 799Preview check box, 746Range option, 800Satin option, 789Scale option, 802Shallow option, 741742, 745Size option, 796Smooth option, 800Soften option, 802Softer option, 799Source option, 800Spread option, 795Stroke option, 791Stroke panel, 802Style pop-up menu, 787Technique pop-up menu, 799800Texture option, 788Texture panel, 792, 802This Layer slider,
747, 751753Transparency Shapes Layer check box, 736, 739Underlying Layer slider, 746, 748750, 753Up radio button, 802Use Global Light check box, 795Vector Mask Hide Effects check box, 737, 740Layer Style feature, 304Layer Style pop-up palette, 775layer styles, 770771, 775, 779, 783, 808809, 997Layer Up (Ctrl+] (z -])) keyboard shortcut, 650Layer Via Copy command, 640Layer Via Cut (Ctrl+Shift+J (z -Shift-J)) keyboard shortcut, 639Layer with Inverted Layer Mask (Ctrl+Shift+Alt+V (z -Shift-Option-V)) keyboard shortcut, 685layered effects, 495layers, 112, 635active, 615, 642adding cast shadow, 539543adding to layer sets, 666adjusting opacity of pixel information, 653aligning, 669, 671672applying effects without selecting, 645applying gradient fills, 283284applying single hue and saturation, 894arranging, 998automated matting techniques, 650652automatically naming, 640basics, 642656behind active layer, 639blend modes, 701730blending, 652653bringing forward, 649centering gradient, 802cloning, 317, 641642colorthreshold operation, 719colored outline around, 791colors as brightness-value multiplier, 712combining using Vivid Light blend mode, 719converting antialiased selections to, 650652converting selections to, 639, 644converting to brightness levels in active layer, 720722copying and pasting selections to, 639copying layer effects between, 792correcting flat image, 940941creation of, 637641cutting selections to, 639deleting, 655distributing, 671672double-clicking thumbnail, 731drag and drop, 809dragging selection to, 637639drop shadows, 784duplicating, 641642editing, 807empty, 639, 648erasing, 350fill opacity, 698filling, 278, 646fills, 697701fusing, 654655, 781gradients, 790guides, 669671interaction with other layers, 615keyboard shortcuts, 10141017knockouts, 740745layer effects, 698, 792layer mask, 685, 758linking, 664665Liquify window, 615listing, 642locked, 664locking, 277, 668, 998manipulating in layer sets, 667as mask, 759masking, 680687masking groups, 686687memory, 21merging, 654655, 708, 781moving, 663664multiple shapes on, 777naming, 640neon strip around, 784nudging, 663opacity, 697701, 998painting on transparent pixels, 645paragraph text, 818patch tool, 329patterns, 790position of, 689preserving transparency, 680682renaming, 641, 818reordering, 649650scaling pattern tiles, 802selecting contents, 656662sending selection to, 637641sending to back, 649solid color,
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