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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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82flattening images, 655656FLI format, 142Flip Horizontal command, 418Flip Vertical command, 418flipping images, 402, 675676Float Selection to New Layer (Ctrl+J (z -J)) keyboard shortcut, 447floating layer, converting background layer to, 646647floating palettes, 20, 3840floating selection, 639, 653florin symbol (f), 802focal plane, 538Focoltone, 186187focus, 259, 498515focus point, 628629focusing color channels, 209Folder Options dialog box, 53folder tree, 9597folders, recently accessed, 75fonts, 58, 118, 823824footprint, 629Force Justify Last Line (Ctrl+Shift+F (z -Shift-F)) keyboard shortcut, 835Force Redraw (Ctrl+Alt+0 (z -Option-0)) keyboard shortcut, 64foreground color icon, 162Foreground Color (Alt+Backspace (Option-Delete)) keyboard shortcut, 162, 272, 280, 304, 483, 484, 646foreground colors, 31applying hue, 268changing, 162combining with color to create third color, 264default, 32, 163eyedroppertool, 192gradient fills, 292gradients, 162paint bucket tool, 273painting, 215replacing red-eye with, 232shapes, 162Swatches palette, 190switching, 32switching with background color, 163varying stroke colors, 256foreground imagesmerging images with, 755759standard window, 32Foreground to Background gradient, 453, 592formatting text, 840841forward Bezier control handle, 409, 411forward warp tool, 616fractional widths, 829830fractions, 830Fragment filter, 561, 570Frame layer, 648frames, creating and manipulating text in, 820821Free Transform command, 451, 542Free Transform mode, 676678freeform pen tool, 29, 366, 405, 411free-form polygons, 220free-form selection outlines, 370372free-form selections, 365FreeHand, 122123, 429430freeze mask tool, 622Fresco filter, 565fringe pixels, 650652frozen images, 615full screen with menu bar mode, 33full-color images, 21Curves dialog box, 926inverting contents of color channels, 879JPEG compression, 134Unsharp Mask filter, 503fusing layers, 654655, 781 fuzziness. 750_________
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13.7 Index G
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IndexGGallery Effects, 490, 492, 567, 598Gallery Effects filters, 549, 568gamma, 854gamma value, 916gamut, 862gamut warning, 66Gamut Warning (Ctrl+Shift+Y (z -Shift-Y)) keyboard shortcut, 167, 174, 897Gaussian bell curve, 389390Gaussian Blur filter, 511, 514, 516519, 520, 533, 538, 551, 553, 557, 571, 580581, 590, 684, 781, 910Gaussian distribution curve, 516General panel, 163general preferences, 5559geometric selection outlines, 367370Get Info dialog box, 92GIF (Graphics Interchange Format), 116Glass filter, 598Glowing Edges filter, 495, 579glows, starting point, 800Go to Layer Containing Element (Ctrl+Alt+right click (z -Option-Control-click)) keyboard shortcut, 642643GoLive, 168grabber hand, 50gradation. See gradientsgradient arrows, 454456Gradient EditorAdd Transparency option, 296adding opacity stop, 295adding or deleting stops, 293294Background option, 292Color pop-up menu, 292color stop, 290Color swatch, 293Delete button, 294deleting gradients, 299duplicating color stop, 294fade bar, 290291Foreground option, 292Gradient Type menu, 296Gradient Type pop-up menu, 290Location option box, 290, 295midpoint markers, 290, 295moving midpoint marker, 293Name option box, 289New button, 289Noise option, 290, 296numerically positioning stop, 291opacity stops, 290Opacity value, 295Randomize button, 297repositioning midpoint marker, 291Restrict Colors option, 296Roughness value, 296Save button, 298scrolling list, 289setting color stop to another color, 293Smoothness slider, 290Solid option, 290User Color option, 292Gradient effect, 790gradient knockout layer, linking to layers, 742Gradient maps, 927928gradient mask, 456Gradient palette, 284285, 289, 299, 301gradient presets, 284285, 298299gradient styles, 285, 287, 997gradient tool, 28, 162, 259, 272, 283284, 300, 450, 592gradientsactive, 290adjusting colors in solid gradients, 292294angle gradient style,
287background color, 162, 292banding, 283, 285, 450brush modes, 285, 299302centering in layer, 802creation of, 289290Curves map, 927928custom, 289290deleting, 299diamond gradient style, 287dithering, 285editing, 612filling shapes, 779first color, 284foreground color, 162, 292gradient presets, 284285gradient tool, 283284last color, 284layers, 790levels of opacity, 285286linear gradient style, 287listing, 289managing, 297299as masks, 449453mixing in exactly equal amounts, 290mixing up pixels between bands, 285noise gradients, 290, 295297opacity of different colors, 294295options, 284286predefined, 997previewing, 284radial gradient style, 287reflected gradient style, 287resetting to default, 285reversing order of, 285reverting to original color, 292saving, 297299solid gradients, 290295starting color, 290styles, 285, 287translucent, 285translucent and opaque colors, 290transparency mask, 294295Gradients folder, 298299Gradients panel, 299grain filter, 550Grass
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717 Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB

brush, 254grayscale color models, 178179grayscale composite, 199grayscale imagescolorizing, 890 900contrast, 219converting color image, 199converting to exclusively black-and-white pixels, 180185custom, 209displaying, 863manually correcting, 866Mezzotint filter, 573searching channels before converting to, 179sponge tool, 230grayscale photographs, colorizing, 268.grd file extension, 298gridlines, 616grids, 69, 672Group (Ctrl+G (z -G)) keyboard shortcut, 781guides, 300, 669671colors, 69keyboard shortcuts, 10261027Guides, Grid & Slices panel (Ctrl+6 (z -6)) keyboard shortcut, 68Guides (Ctrl+; (z -;)) keyboard shortcut, 85
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