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Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Stacy C.

Stacy C. Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB - Wiley Publishing, 2004. - 773 p.
Download (direct link): photoshopcsbible2004.pdf
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Show Asian Text Options (off): This option determines whether the Character and Paragraph palettes include options related to working with Chinese, Japanese, and Korean type. My recommendation here assumes that you're not adding text in those languages to your images.
Beep When Done (off): You can instruct Photoshop to beep at you whenever it finishes an operation that displays a Progress window. This option may be useful if you doze off during particularly timeconsuming operations. But I'm a firm believer that computers should be seen and not heard.
Dynamic Color Sliders (on): When selected, this option instructs Photoshop to preview color effects in the slider bars of the Color palette. When the option is turned off, the slider bars show the same colors regardless of your changes. Unless you're working on a slow computer, leave this option on. On a fast machine, Photoshop takes a billionth of a second longer to calculate the color effects and it's well worth it.
Save Palette Locations (on): When this option is selected, Photoshop remembers the location of the toolbox and floating palettes from one session to the next. If you turn off this check box, Photoshop restores the default palette positions the next time you restart the program.
Show Font Names in English (on): Check this box, and Photoshop displays foreign fonts in intelligible names in the Font menu in the Options bar and in the Character palette well, assuming that English is intelligible to you, anyway.
Use Shift Key for Tool Switch (off): When two or more tools share the same slot in the toolbox, you can press the keyboard shortcut associated with the tools to cycle through the tools. This Preferences option determines whether you must press Shift along with the shortcut. I recommend that you turn this option off one extra keystroke per function adds up over the course of a day, you know.Note In this book, I assume that you have this option turned off when I present tool shortcuts.
Use Smart Quotes (on): Sometimes known as curly quotes, smart quotes are simply more attractive, curved versions of quotation marks and apostrophes. If you're using fonts that include smart quotes, by all means turn this option on.
Photeshop History Log (your call): This new option lets you save information about the list of edits and operations applied to your images. For starters, turn on the History Log check box and select a radio button to specify whether you want to save the log along with the image's metadata, in a separate text file, or both. If you select the Metadata option, you'll be able to view the log information in the History panel of the File Info dialog box (that's Ctrl+Alt+I or z -Option-I). If you select the Text File radio button, Photoshop prompts you to specify a name and location for the log file. Naturally, the Both radio button saves the log information to metadata and a text tile.
Use the Edit Log Items pop-up menu to specify the type of information you'd like to save to the log. The Sessions Only option simply keeps track of every time you launch and quit Photoshop and open and
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49 Photoshop CS Bible @Team LiB

close files. Choose the Concise option to log the session information plus the data that's recorded in the History palette. Choose Detailed to log detailed information about every edit performed on an image, giving you a permanent record of the steps you took to achieve the final results.
Reset All Warning Dialogs: Every now and then, Photoshop displays a warning dialog box to let you know that the course you're on may have consequences you hadn't considered. Some dialog boxes include a check box that you can select to tell Photoshop that you don't want to see the current warning any more. If you click the Reset All Warning Dialogs button in the Preferences dialog box, Photoshop clears all the "don't show this warning again" check boxes so that you once again get all available warnings. Photoshop responds to your click of the reset button by displaying a warning dialog box telling you that all warning dialog boxes will be enabled if you go forward. Don't ponder the irony too long before you click OK. File Handling
When in the Preferences dialog box, press Ctrl+2 (Win) or z -2 (Mac) to advance to the File Handling panel. Figures 2-18 and 2-19 show the panel as it appears on the PC and the Mac, respectively.
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Figure 2-18: The File Handling panel as it appears on the
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