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A raference for the rest of us - Scott J.

Scott J. A raference for the rest of us - Wiley publishing , 2003. - 387 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-1698-1
Download (direct link): microsoftcrmford2003.pdf
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Bata migration
Microsoft believes that most companies adopting Microsoft CRM already use Outlook. Therefore, there is a need to migrate data from Outlook but no pressing need for migration from other products. As the marketplace consolidates, more companies will need to migrate their data from competing products like ACT, GoldMine, and SalesLogix.
Innovative Marketing ( has previously developed other migration utilities (ACT to GoldMine, for example) and promises to have several utilities for migration into Microsoft CRM soon. Check the company’s Web site for coming attractions.
Expense reporting
Microsoft’s CRM Web site boasts two third-party vendors with expense reporting systems. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the first does not actually exist, and the second is, well . . . never mind.
Expense reporting is an ideal add-on to any CRM system. Microsoft did an extensive survey of interest in add-on products; expense reporting was in the top 15 desired products.
I am personally interested in finding an expense reporting system that is truly integrated with Microsoft CRM. Check in with me ( if you want a more up-to-date evaluation of expense reporting systems.
294 Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 25
Ten Ways to Get Help
In This Chapter
^ Microsoft Business Solutions Web site ^ Microsoft Partners ^ Microsoft CustomerSource ^ MSDN
^ Microsoft CRM SDK ^ Newsgroups ^ Discussion groups ^ eTraining
^ CRM resources online
Лt first blush, you’d think that hundreds of resources would be able to help you implement Microsoft CRM. After all, this is Microsoft. The paradox is that, even though we’re talking about the largest software company in the world, we’re also talking about an application in its infancy. And although joining a CRM newsgroup is simple enough, all the talk on the newsgroups right now is about installation, custom scripting, and security issues, not end-user issues.
One newsgroup has from 10 to 12 posts a day going back to January 2003; but to date, I’ve seen only 5 or 6 that had questions about using Microsoft CRM to perform typical sales or service tasks. This will change as Microsoft CRM reaches the end-user base, and subscribing to a newsgroup now and getting comfortable with the posting process is a good idea. As the weeks go by, more and more end users will be sharing information, best practices, and the inevitable workarounds. Start by searching at to survey the landscape of available Microsoft CRM (and related) newsgroups. (See “Newsgroups” later in this chapter for more information about newsgroups.)
296 Part V: The Part of Tens
Microsoft Partners are generously sprinkled all over the world, and they serve as your first and best line of support. Beyond that group is a cadre of Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), ready to sell you their custom CRM add-on products (see Chapter 24). But don’t overlook ISVs as resources, too. They have a great deal of experience dealing with the substance of CRM’s programming code, and they can offer real insight into problems you may encounter. These developers can also help you design custom enhancements to the program. After all, that’s their business.
Note: The specific links in this chapter were accurate when they were initially researched but may, due to the dynamic nature of the Web, change or disappear altogether over time. If a link no longer works please accept my apologies. Your best practice to locate information on Microsoft CRM is to open your Search Engine of choice and type Microsoft CRM in the Search field.
Rest assured there will be plenty of information available on this product now, and as time goes by.
Microsoft Business Solutions Web Site
This link takes you to the Microsoft Business Solutions page. Type CRM into the Search For field in the upper-left corner of the page and click Go.
The resulting page displays several Best Bets. These are links (with brief descriptions) to great information about Microsoft CRM and more general CRM topics. Below the Best Bets is a list of topics, in the Microsoft database, that matches CRM.
At the time of this writing, there are 95 matches ranging from “CRM Overview” to “Microsoft CRM Solution Brochure” to “Using Microsoft Customer Relationship Management” to “Microsoft CRM Case Studies.” Although not all the matches are specifically about Microsoft CRM (CRM is a widely used term, and Microsoft has some other customer relationship-type products), the first page or two of listings are helpful. Some of the articles have a decided marketing slant, but generally the information is useful.
Microsoft Partners
Microsoft Partners represent front-line support. From Microsoft’s home page at, click the Information For Microsoft Partners
Chapter 25: Ten Ways to Get Help 297
link in the left panel. On the resulting page, click Partnering with Microsoft in the upper-left corner of the page and a drop-down menu appears. Select Find a Business Partner from the drop-down menu. The Microsoft Resource Directory page appears. From this page, you can search for Partners (by language and by country/region), technical education centers, resellers, independent software vendors, and certified technicians.
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