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Windows xp for dummies - Rahbone A.

Rahbone A. Windows xp for dummies - Hungry minds , 2001. - 430 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-0893-8
Download (direct link): microsoftwind2001.pdf
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Understanding Media Player
Media Player’s performance depends entirely upon how much money you paid for your computer — or how much money your computer has absorbed since you first plopped it on your desk.
Chapter 13: Sound! Movies! Media Player!
That’s because Media Player is nothing more than a big, fancy package of buttons. Before you can use those buttons to do anything, you need to connect your computer to features, such as speakers, sound cards, CD burners, CD/DVD drives, the Internet, and MP3 players. Pressing the right buttons calls these right things into action and tells the computer what do to with them.
Figure 13-1, which explains some of the zillions of Media Player buttons, shows Media Player while it first loads. (If you get lost amid all those buttons, just rest your mouse pointer over any button, and Windows XP gives you a hint.)
A You need a sound card and speakers or headphones before you can hear anything. Luckily, most new computers come with preinstalled sound cards; many come with speakers, as well. Another bonus: If your computer doesn’t have a sound card, they’re cheap and fairly easy to install.
A A CD-ROM drive is essential for playing CDs or creating WMA (Windows Media Audio) files. You need a Read/Write CD drive, too, so that you can burn CDs of your favorite music. Many new computers come with those included, as well.
A You need an Internet connection to listen to Internet radio or search the Web for videos or other media content. Faster is better. In fact, most Internet videos look pretty tiny or grainy if you’re using a dial-up connection.
A Windows XP’s Media Player uses WMA compatibility to decide whether it will transfer files to a portable MP3 player. If your portable player can’t handle WMA files, Media Player probably won’t transfer any files to it. But if the player handles WMA files along with MP3 files, Media Player can usually transfer both WMA and MP3 files to your player.
A Microsoft released previous versions of Media Player as upgrades that any Windows users could download and install. But Windows Media Player 8 only comes with Windows XP O it can’t be downloaded and installed on other versions of Windows.
Chapter 13: Sound! Movies! Media Player! 272
Open files or add to library
Change video size or add skins
Play media
Change options
Find help with Media Player
Toggle Shuffle mode
Toggle Equalizer settings
— Show current playing playlist Maximize
Minimize ■
Figure 13-1:
Rest your mouse over any button, and Windows XP explains its purpose.
Latin Edition *
G? See who's hot this Cinco de Mayo, Ricky, Paulina & Kumhia Kings top the charts 56k | 300k
mi An intoxicated tequila when he skips the bill in 56k I 300k
Copy to CD or Device
New Releases Corning Attractions
■ Entertainment • lifestyles
■ Business
■ Webcams
iHl Lugo's heart and voice go "Boom" 56k | 100k | 300k
♦9 Orishas célébrât' with cigars and girl: 28k | 56k | 100k
!Hi Hear the hit Latin band Kumbia Kings 56k I 100k I 300k
me™ I? &
Radios Latin Pop, fi3 A Mariachi band
Mariachi & Salsa just for your fiesta
23 k Go watch
- Boys 31 Men • Cabo San Lucas
■ International • Skins
• LeAnn Rimes ■ Top Radio Station
- Movie Previews • Visualizations
- Mexican Food • Mexico City Cam
Play/Pause Next Mute
Stop L- Previous
Switch to chosen skin Volume
Brings up Web site with Media Player tutorial Use skin to change program's look ■ Copy MP3 or WMA to portable MP3 player Hear Internet radio stations See all media stored on computer Copy songs from CD into WMA format View items available on Internet View currently playing item
Elapsed time
Slide scroll bar up or down to see different part of page
Chapter 13: Sound! Movies! Media Player!
Using Media Guide to Find Videos, Music, and Movie Trailers on the Internet
I Media Player not only plays tunes and videos from your own computer, but it snatches them from the Internet, as well. In fact, if you’re online when Media Player’s loaded, the program opens to the Media Guide section: an Internet-stocked smorgasbord called
The site, shown in Figure 13-1, offers videos, music, and radio, all by clicking various on-screen items. Most of the items along the left menu are obvious — Music, Radio, Movies, Business, News, and Sports. Here are a few of the not-so-obvious ones:
A Web Search: Click in this box, remove the words Web Search, and type your own interest. Windows merely brings up Internet Explorer with a list of applicable sites. Nothing really media-related here.
A Home: The home page for WindowsMedia, it offers a variety of media goodies: movie trailers, weird animated shorts from France, radio stations, songs, and other bits of fun.
A Entertainment: The same videos and animations you find elsewhere, but with a comedic theme.
A Lifestyles: Head here during holidays for “theme” videos. Also contains videos with car commercials, travel information, cooking, and other lifestyle stuff.
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