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Windows xp for dummies - Rahbone A.

Rahbone A. Windows xp for dummies - Hungry minds , 2001. - 430 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-0893-8
Download (direct link): microsoftwind2001.pdf
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Windows XP usually spots newly installed joysticks and game pads and installs them automatically. Double-click the Game Controllers icon for help with problems. Also, here's where you calibrate andtest your joystick if you're losing. Avid game players tweak this for every new game.
When you're ready to join the Internet and surf the World Wide Web, the Internet Options icon is waiting for you. Click this icon to open a Pandora's box of buttons that let you customize the way Windows XP talks through the Internet. (Chapter 12 shows how to point and click your way through the Internet.) Used rarely, except when setting everything up for the first time. After your Internet access is set up, everything's pretty low-main-tenance.
** Use the Keyboard icon to change how long the keyboard takes to repeat a letter when you hold down a key. Yawn. Used rarely. Adjust your keyboard's settings once, if necessary, and then forget it.
Chapter 14: Customizing Windows XP (Fiddling with the Control Panel) 310
Table 14-1 Deciphering the Control Panel Icons (Continued)
The Icon What It Does When you Should Use It
Choose among options found in the Mouse icon to make your mouse scoot faster across the screen, change it from righthanded to left-handed, fine-tune your doubleclick, choose between brands, and change all sorts of mouse-related behaviors. Used rarely. Dirty mouseballs and rollers — not software settings — cause most mouse problems. But check out this option for fun.
% The Network Connections icon shows your network connections — ifyou have any — and helps you create them if they don't yet exist. Used to either create networks or change the settings of existing ones.
From the Phone and Modem Options icon, add your area code or change it if you're traveling with a laptop. Click the Modem tab to see your modem; double-click the modem's name to change its controls. Used frequently by lap-toppers or people having trouble with their modems. Ignored when everything's working right.
% Windows XP is very power-conscious on new computers and laptops. Use the Power Options icon to automatically turn off the monitor — or the entire computer — when you haven't used it for a while. Choose your Power Schemes setting at the top, and Windows sets the rest of the schemes for you. Used frequently by lap-toppers. Other people make Windows XP turn off their monitors after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Chapter 14: Customizing Windows XP (Fiddling with the Control Panel) 311
Table 14-1 Deciphering the Control Panel Icons (Continued)
The Icon What It Does When you Should Use It
Come here (to the Printers and Faxes icon) to tell Windows XP about your new printer, adjust the settings of a printer or fax modem, or choose which printer (or fax modem) you want Windows XP to use. Use this option whenever you buy a new printer or permanently change settings on an existing one. (Right-click on a printer icon and choose Properties to change its settings.)
t The Regional and Language Options icon changes the way Windows XP displays and sorts numbers, international currency, the date, and the time according to your country. (If you've simply changed time zones, just double-click the date/time display on the bottom-right corner of the taskbar, a process described later in this chapter.) Used mostly by laptop-pers with frequent-flier cards.
Windows XP makes an effort to handle those often-troublesome scanners and digital cameras. If Windows doesn't automatically find your scanner or digital camera, try installing those devices here with the Scanners and Cameras icon. Come here to get pictures from your digital camera and scanner, too, as well as check their connections.
The Scheduled Tasks icon keeps Windows XP running smoothly because it automatically performs maintenance at certain times. Ignore it. Windows XP automatically sets things up to run at the right times.
Chapter 14: Customizing Windows XP (Fiddling with the Control Panel) 312
Table 14-1 Deciphering the Control Panel Icons (Continued)
The Icon What It Does When you Should Use It
% Use the Sounds and Audio Devices icon not only to change the volume, but also to make Windows XP play different sounds for different events. Click the Sounds tab and try some of the presets in the Sound Scheme box. Sound card owners drop by here to tweak their gear settings, adjust playback/record volumes, fiddle with MIDI instruments, and play with other goodies, such as video capture cards, as well as their CD and DVD players. Used mostly at homes or small offices where the boss doesn't mind computers that make exploding sounds when they crash.
g Yes, Windows XP can speak to you — if you can understand the little guy. Use the Speech icon to hear Windows read to you. This text-to-speech translator gives an inkling of what a more professional package can do. It's not very useful, even for blind people.
9 Like racecar mechanics, computer gurus can fiddle around in here for hours. Don't play with the System icon unless a nearby computer guru can serve as Safety Patrol. This is scary stuff. This area's usage increases with the level of the user's experience.
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