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Teradata RDBMS Database Administration - NCR

NCR Teradata RDBMS Database Administration - NCR , 2004. - 616 p.
Download (direct link): teradatadatabaseadmin2004.pdf
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Checktable Diagnostic tool that can check for: Table and dictionary inconsistencies, such as differing table versions, ParentCount and ChildCount data, and partitioning definitions Table corruption, such as duplicate rows or unique values and data inconsistency, of primary and fallback data, stored procedure tables, and join and hash index tables Inconsistencies in internal data structures such as table headers, row identifiers, secondary indexes, and reference indexes Invalid row hash values and partition numbers Teradata RDBMS Utilities "Table Rebuild" on page 12-6 "Solving PPI and RI Validation Errors" on page 12-27
ctl (Windows 2000; for UNIX, see xctl) Utility you use to display or modify the fields of the PDE global control parameters. Teradata RDBMS Utilities
DB Window From the Supervisor screen, view and administer the states of vprocs and disks. Teradata RDBMS Database Window
dbschk See Resource Check Tools in this table.
DBS Control Command-line utility that allows you to display and modify the tunable global parameters in the DBS Control Record GDO. Teradata RDBMS Utilities
DEFRAGMENT See Ferret utility in this table.

12 - 10

Teradata RDBMS Database Administration Chapter 12: Troubleshooting

Tools for Troubleshooting Client Connections





System view in DBC that provides information by AMP on disk space usage, including permanent and spool data by database or account for each AMP. Use this view to track large spool usage and available perm space.

"DiskSpace View" on page 3-14

Teradata RDBMS Data Dictionary


See Locking Logger in this table.


Utility that offers several tools, including these that let you monitor and control file system integrity and disk usage:








Combines free sectors on a cylinder

Reconfigures the contents of a disk, leaving a specified percent free on each cylinder for future use

Checks the integrity of the Teradata RDBMS file system, including data block structures and the consistency between data blocks and cylinder indexes.

Checks each row ID for a partition number, and if present, verifies the number in relation to other row IDs, the partition, and the cylinder and master indexes. It does not validate the result of the partitioning expression, or fix PPI partition numbers or the table header. If errors are reported, use ALTER TABLE (see "Solving PPI and RI Validation Errors" on page 12-27).

The speed at which SCANDISK operates is affected by the setting of the ReadAheadPerformance field of the DBSCONTROLGDO.

Reports which data tables qualify for packing.

Displays disk cylinder utilization and available free cylinders. (See also Update Space and Update DBC in this table.)

"Benefits of a Using a Partitioned Primary Index (PPI)" on page


In Teradata RDBMS Utilities:

- "DBS Control Utility"

- "Ferret Utility"

Chapter 3: "Space Considerations", especially:

- "Gaining Space with PACKDISK" on page


- "Monitoring Disk Space Activity" on page 3-12

12 - 10 Teradata RDBMS Database Administration

Chapter 12: Troubleshooting

Tools for Troubleshooting Client Connections

Tool Description Reference
Gateway Control Utility used to perform routine and special diagnostics when debugging gateway errors. "Tools for Troubleshooting Client Connections" on page 12-8 "Diagnosing SSO Logon Errors (Windows 2000 only)" on page 12-14 Teradata RDBMS Utilities
Gateway Global Tool used to monitor network sessions and traffic, control network sessions, and diagnose gateway problems.
Lock Display Offers the lokdisp command, which displays all on-line locks in real time by variety of lock, such as "database", "transaction", "blockers", and so on. Teradata RDBMS Utilities
Locking Logger The dumplocklog command maintains a log of queries that are queued due to locking contentions. The log is useful for finding a session that is blocking others, particularly when you need to understand and resolve a deadlock. "Monitoring Lock Contentions with Locking Logger" on page 12-16 Teradata RDBMS Utilities
Lokdisp See Lock Display in this table.
PACKDISK See Ferret in this table.
Teradata Performance Monitor (Windows 2000 and Teradata Manager) Use to find a down component, such as AMP, PE, or BYNET (via Start -> Programs or through Teradata Manager). Teradata Manager User Guide Teradata RDBMS Resource Usage Macros and Tables
puma Command that lists, if you give the -p option, the process IDs of active tasks and the mailboxes and monitors in use. Teradata RDBMS Utilities
Query Session Tool that displays the state of utility and query sessions. Details can include Parsing, Active, Blocked, Response, whether stored procedures are being processed, and so on.
Recovery Manager Utility that provides a way to measure and predict the progress of down-AMP recovery time.
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