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Teradata RDBMS forUNIX SQL Reference - NCR

NCR Teradata RDBMS forUNIX SQL Reference - NCR, 1997. - 913 p.
Download (direct link): teradataforunix1997.pdf
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translation code G-2l tables E-l AT&T 3B

internal data format F-3 Attribute functions (SQL) 5-l04 AVERAGE aggregate operator (SQL) 6-l7


BEGIN LOGGING statement (SQL) 8-29 BEGIN TRANSACTION statement (SQL) 8-38 BETWEEN comparison operator (SQL) 6-53 built-in values (SQL) 6-97

Bull HN

internal data format F-5 Byte conversion (SQL) 5-96 BYTE data type (SQL) 5-4l BYTEINT numeric data type (SQL) 5-20


Cartesian product (SQL) 3-l5 Case

specifying for character data (SQL) 5-29 CASE abbreviation expressions (SQL) 6-94 CASE blind comparisons (SQL) 6-56 CASE expression (SQL) 6-88 Case sensitivity for table columns how to define (SQL) 5-32 Case sensitivity in comparisons (SQL) 5-35 Case sensitivity of character string literals (SQL) 5-33 CAST in data type conversion (SQL) 5-84 CAST in data type conversions (SQL) 5-l02 CHAR data type (SQL) 5-27 Character default ~ set

DBC.Hosts table G-20 diacritical G-3 ID for ~ set

CharSetID G-l6 international ~ set support G-3 load ~ set

InstallFlag G-l6 name of ~ set

CharSetName column G-l5


example install G-l8 name

DefaultCharSet column G-2l

Teradata RDBMS for UNIX SQL Reference


table of G-6, G-23 Character constants (SQL) 4-27 Character conversion (SQL) 5-91 Character data for a Japanese character-supported site (SQL) 5-38 Character data types (SQL) 5-25 Character formats (SQL) 5-52 Character sets

Teradata SQL lexicon 4-2 Character string definitions in the USING phrase (SQL) 5-34 Character string expressions (SQL) 6-23 Character to character conversion (SQL) 5-94 Character to numeric conversion (SQL) 5-92 CharSetID column

in DBC.CharTranslations view G-16 CharSetName column

in DBC.CharTranslations G-15 CHECKPOINT statement (SQL) 8-42 Client environments supporting Kanji G-40 Client environments supporting Kanji, DOS/V Windows G-40 Client environments supporting Kanji, MVS G-40 Client environments supporting Kanji, UNIX G-40 Client environments supporting Kanji, VM/CMS G-40 COALESCE abbreviation expression (SQL) 6-96 Code table

international characters G-6, G-23 translation ASCII G-21 EBCDIC G-21

example install G-18 Collation sequence

international character support G-3 Collation sequence (SQL), session control 2-30 COLLECT STATISTICS statement (SQL) 8-44 Column constraints (SQL) 5-47 COMMENT statement (SQL) 8-48 COMMIT statement (SQL) 8-51 Comparison operators for Japanese character sets (SQL) 6-62 Compatibility

DB2 and Teradata SQL C-1 COMPRESS phrase (SQL) 5-77 Concatenation operator (SQL) 6-24 Conditional expressions (SQL) 6-85 Constants (SQL) 4-24 Constraints (SQL) 5-48 Control phrase, default (SQL) 5-73 Correlated subqueries (SQL) 9-9 COUNT aggregate operator (SQL) 6-17, 6-19 CREATE DATABASE statement (SQL) 8-53 CREATE INDEX statement (SQL) 8-59 CREATE MACRO statement (SQL) 8-62 CREATE TABLE statement (SQL) 8-69 CREATE USER statement (SQL) 8-95 CREATE VIEW statement (SQL) 8-104 Cross join (SQL) 3-15





Teradata RDBMS for UNIX SQL Reference

USING clause F-1 definition statement 2-6 format

AT&T 3B Series internal F-3 BULL HN internal F-5 DBC/1012 internal F-2-F-3, F-6, F-10 IBM mainframe internal F-6 UTS internal F-8 VAX or VMS internal F-9 Data conversions rules, implicit (SQL) 5-82 Data default formats (SQL) 5-64 Data definition

attribute functions 5-104 byte conversion 5-96 BYTE data type 5-41 case sensitivity in comparisons 5-35 CAST in data type conversion 5-84 CAST in data type conversions 5-102 character conversion 5-91 character to character 5-94 character to numeric 5-92 character data

defining case sensitivity for table columns 5-32 Japanese character-supported site 5-38 specifying case 5-29 character data types 5-25 CHAR 5-27 LONGVARCHAR 5-27 VARCHAR 5-27 character formats 5-52 character string data

case sensitivity of literals 5-33 definitions in the USING phrase 5-34 column constraints 5-47 COMPRESS phrase 5-77 constraints, types of constraints 5-48 conversion rules, implicit rules 5-82

data default formats 5-64 data type attributes 5-4 data types 5-6 DATE conversion 5-97 DATE formats 5-61 DATE value arithmetic 5-17 default control phrase 5-73 FORMAT phrase 5-49 GRAPHIC conversion 5-9 graphic conversion 5-95 graphic formats 5-53 hash-related expressions 5-111 Japanese character graphic data types 5-43 numeric conversion 5-87 numeric to character 5-89 numeric to numeric 5-88 NUMERIC data type 5-18 Numeric data types 5-11 numeric data types BYTEINT 5-20 DATE 5-13

DOUBLE PRECISION 5-23 FLOAT 5-23 INTEGER 5-22 REAL 5-23 SMALLINT 5-21 numeric formats 5-55 signed zone decimal conversion 5-99 table constraints 5-47 TITLE phrase 5-69 VARBYTE data type 5-41 Data definition (SQL) 5-2 Data definition statements (SQL) 2-6 Data manipulation language (SQL) 2-13 Data type attributes (SQL) 5-4 Data types (SQL) 5-6 Data validity criteria,

KanjiEBCDIC G-47 DATABASE statement (SQL) 8-116 Database, default (SQL) 2-16 DATE built-in value (SQL) 6-98
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