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Digital photography just the steps for dummies - Jones F.

Jones F. Digital photography just the steps for dummies - Wiley publishing , 2005. - 240 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-7477-9
Download (direct link): digitalphotographyjust2005.pdf
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5. Select the image you wish to print. It displays at the top of the screen.
6. Right-click the image and choose Print from the pop-up menu. The Photo Printing Wizard opens (see Figure
12-11); click Next.
7. To print your photograph, click Next.
Figure 12-10: Plugging a memory card into a printer
Figure 12-11: The Photo Printing Wizard
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Chapter 12: Choosing and Using a Printer
Print from a Digital Camera Using PictBridge
1. Plug your digital camera's PictBridge cable into your PictBridge printer, as shown in Figure 12-12.
PictBridge is an industry standard technology designed to allow printing directly from a camera without a computer or external software. To use PictBridge, both your printer and camera must be equipped with PictBridge.
2. Turn your camera's power on.
? PictBridge devices all include a camera-to-printer connection, singleimage printing, and a uniform message system for errors and other information. In addition, some devices include more advanced fea-— tures including multiple-image printing, choice of quantity and size, and more.
Choose the commands and features from the LCD screen or camera viewfinder, as shown in Figure 12-13. Advanced commands might include
• Multiple image printing
• Print the image index
• Print all the images
• Print a part of the image by choosing a clip area
• Multiple copies of a single image
• Print images with a date stamp
The printer sends a message back to the camera's LCD or viewfinder when the job is complete or if it finds any errors.
Figure 12-12: A camera connected to a printer and ready for printing
Figure 12-13: The PictBridge menu looks slightly different on every camera
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Use Online Photo Printing Services
Use Online Photo Printing Services
1. Find and compare online digital photo processing services by pointing your browser to com and clicking Business and Economy F Shopping and Services F Photography F Digital F Labs.
? Yahoo! provides major categories by most popular and alphabetical.
The Most Popular sites list provides the sites most clicked through by Yahoo! users, and Yahoo! updates the list on an ongoing basis. The — Most Popular sites list makes a pretty good place to start your search.
2. Fill out the sign-up form with the online service.
3. Upload your images to the online service. Most services provide three ways to upload images:
• One-by-one: Upload pictures one at a time at the services Web site by clicking an Add Pictures or Upload button.
• Using a browser plug-in: Many services provide a Web browser plug-in that allows you to upload many pictures at the same time.
• Using the service's software: Most services provide a proprietary software solution for uploading and purchasing prints.
4. Edit your photos as necessary (most of the services provide tools for the most usual needs, such as cropping, removing red eye, color balancing, rotating, and so on).
5. Choose the sizes for the prints you wish.
6. Check out and pay. Your photos usually arrive at your front door in around a week.
Online photo processing is a great service when you're on vacation. You can have the photos waiting for you in your mailbox when you return home. It is also a great service when you need a large number of images or multiple copies printed. It can also save you the cost and trouble of owning and maintaining a photo printer of you own.
The Photo Print Wizard provides the option to print using online services. Naturally, the photo service choices that you're presented with are the ones that have paid Microsoft for advertising (see Figure 12-14). These may not be the best choices for your needs or budget. If you like the service choices, however, this is a simple way to access vendors and complete the print ordering process.
Figure 12-14: Microsoft's Online Print Service Wizard
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Chapter 12: Choosing and Using a Printer
Use In-Store Photo Printing Services
1. Take the memory card from your digital camera to a local retail store that offers digital printing. (You can also drop off a CD or floppy disk.)
Most in-store film processing services now offer digital photo printing. Some stores now offer kiosks, as shown in Figure 12-15, designed for self-service digital photo printing. The quality of the prints is usually much better than home-printed photos, particularly if you don't have a high-quality printer or time to set one up properly. These services are easy to use.
2. If you use a photo service, leave your digital picture memory card with the operators just like a roll of film for processing. Come back later for your professionally printed pictures.
You may consider buying an extra memory card for your camera just to take photos to the printing service. If you transferred your photos from the cards to your computer, you can select the ones you wish to print and copy those back to the extra memory card. Doing so allows you to continue using your camera while the photos are being processed.
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