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Digital photography just the steps for dummies - Jones F.

Jones F. Digital photography just the steps for dummies - Wiley publishing , 2005. - 240 p.
ISBN: 0-7645-7477-9
Download (direct link): digitalphotographyjust2005.pdf
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Resolution isn't the whole story, however, because the way that printers transfer ink to the page is also important. Although dye sublimation and thermal wax printers produce results around 300 dots per inch (dpi), the output of dye sublimation printers is generally superior to ink jet printers.
You can print directly from your camera using a USB cable, by plugging your camera's memory card into the printer, or you can transfer your photos to your computer and print from your photo editing or viewing software. You can also use printing services available at local retailers or on the Internet. You find out how to use all the basics methods of printing in this chapter.
Get ready to . . .
"*• Choose a Printer Type..........................134
"*• Evaluate Printer Resolution....................134
"*• Evaluate Printer Speed.........................135
"*• Evaluate Other Printer Features................135
"*• Set Printer Options............................136
"*• Choose Print Media.............................138
"*• Evaluate the Cost of Printing Photos 138
"*• Print from a Memory Card.......................139
"*• Print from a Digital Camera Using
"*• Use Online Printing Services...................141
"*• Use In-Store Photo Printing Services 142
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Chapter 12: Choosing and Using a Printer
Choose a Printer Type
Printer Type Advantages Disadvanfages Printer Cost
Portable Ink Jet Printer Portable size Output not waterproof $300-$500
Desktop Ink Jet Photo Printer Handles halftones and shades better than a regular ink jet printer Output not waterproof $80-450
Portable Dye Sublimation Print snapshots on the go High cost per print; small print size (4x6 max) $200-$400
Dye Sublimation Prints water-resistant, Slow print speed; solid-color images high cost per print $400-$800
Color Laser Low cost per print; high durability Prints at lower dpi than ink jet; high cost of unit $1,000-$5,000
Evaluate Printer Resolution
Printer Type Photo Quality Resolution
Ink Jet 2400 to 4800 dpi or higher
Dye Sublimation 300 to 310 dpi or higher
Color Laser 2400 dpi or higher
Figure 12-1: Portable and desktop inkjet printer
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Evaluate Other Printer Features
Evaluate Printer Speed
Printer Type A Fast Printer Prints A Slow Printer Prints
Ink Jet 16 color pages per minute 4 color pages per minute
Dye Sublimation 1 color page per minute 1 color page per 2.5 minutes
Color Laser 8 color pages per minute 1 color page per minute
Evaluate Other Printer Features
Feature What It Does
PictBridge compatibility Allows you to print photos directly from the camera without connecting to the PC.
PIM (Print Image Allows the camera to store and transmit color-matching
Matching) compatibility information that equate to more life-like color printouts.
EXIF 2.2 Allows the camera to embed information about shooting conditions that the printer interprets and automatically adjusts for under/overexposure and similar problems.
Direct Print Allows camera to print from a variety of memory cards plugged directly into the printer.
LCD Display Allows you to preview the image or images for selection.
When comparing printers for purchase, check the price of paper, inks, and other consumables for each printer. Sometimes, the cheapest printer to purchase may not be the cheapest to operate.
Figure 12-4: Color laser printers produce crisp results at a decent speed
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Chapter 12: Choosing and Using a Printer
Set Printer Options
1. With a directory containing pictures open in My Computer, click the Print Pictures link in the Picture Tasks menu.
2. Click Next to open the Picture Selection window.
3. Select the photo to print by clicking the small box in the upper right of the picture icon of the photo.
4. Click Next to open the Printing Options window, as shown in Figure 12-5.
5. Select the printer you want to use from the What Printer Do You Want to Use pull-down menu.
6. Click the Printing Preferences button. The Properties window for your printer opens, as shown in Figure 12-6.
Three tabs are in this dialog box: Main, Page Layout, and Maintenance. The Main Menu options are
• Quality Type: Selects the print quality appropriate for your image.
• Paper Options: Selects the size and type of paper you place in your printer for this print session.
• Print Options: Selects the order of printing for multipage printing or Photo Enhance if that option is available on your printer.
• Ink Levels: Shows you how much ink you have left in your cartridges.
• Orientation: Choose to print in landscape or portrait mode.
Figure 12-6: The Main Menu tab of the Properties window for an Epson 825 printer
Figure 12-5: The Printing Options window
> EPSON Stylus Photo 82S Proponios
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