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Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - Jacson S.

Jacson S. Dungeons and Dragons for dummies - John Wiley & Sons, 2003. - 49 p.
ISBN 1-55634-667-0
Download (direct link): dungeonsanddragonsfordummies2003.pdf
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spell, 40. Elves, 9-11; and other races, spell, 42-43. Personality, 34. Thieves, 21-22; and other
Big B’s Peaceful Sign 10; dark, 9; racial traits, Invisibility to the Blond Polearm, Swiss Army, 36. classes, 22; class
spell, 40. 11; roleplaying, 10. spell, 42. Poles, II-foot, 37. features, 21.
Big B’s Unwelcome Touch Equipment, 36-37. Juggle the Numbers feat, 28. Pose skill, 25. Time, complete waste of, 1-48.
spell, 40. Feats, 26-31. Kant Trip spell, 43. Power Word, Blink spell, 46. Toddlers, 22.
Boots, butt-kicking, 36. Fireballs, 5,15,21,22, 38. Karma Chameleon feat, 28. Races, 6-14. Ubermunch feat, 31.
Bows, ribboned, 36. Flying Feet of Instant Knowledge (adventure Really Limited Wish spell, 46. Umpiric Touch spell, 47.
Boys, Backstreet, 5. Annihilation feat, 30. spoilers) skill, 25. Religions, 32-33. Wall of Dice spell, 47.
BRAAAGHEKKKK!, 14. Gamble skill, 25. L33T spell, 43. Rocks, huge, 36; see also Warriors, 22-23; and other
Broccoli, on pizza???, 32. Glue, 37. Levels, 15-16. Cojones. classes, 22-23; class
Bullet Sponge feat, 26. Gnomes, 11-12 \ and other Looks, 34. Scripted Immunity feat, 30. features, 23.
Can Trip spell, 40. races, 12; in Munchkin, Loop, infinite, see Infinite Loop. Search for Treasure feat, 30. Water, yuppie, 37.
Can’t Rip spell, 40. 11; racial traits, 12; Love, falling in, 14; see also Seduce skill, 25-26. Weapons, 36.
Carouse skill, 25. roleplaying, 11-12. Time, complete waste of. Shagging the DM feat, 30. Webb spell, 47.
Chainsaw, gnome, 36; ore, 36. Gyps, 15. Maize spell, 43. Shared narrative experience, 3. Whack Them All! feat, 31.
Charisma, 5. Half-Acid Arrow spell, 41. Marker Magic feat, 28-29. Skills, 25-26. Whine skill, 26.
Cheats, 1-48; see also Feats. Half-breeds, 14. Market Mayhem feat, 29. Slug-throwers, 36. Wisdom, 5.
Classes, 15-24. Halflings, 12-13; and other Marmalade, 18. Smooth Operator feat, 30. Wizards, 23-24; and other
Clerics, 18-19; and other races, 13; racial traits, 13; Marriage Arcana spell, 44. Sparkling Smile feat, 30. classes, 23-24; class
classes, 18; class features, roleplaying, 13. Meat Swarm spell, 44. Spears, Britney, 5. features, 24.
19; Munchkin spell Hallucinatory Train spell, 42. Meatier Swarm spell, 44. Spells, 38-47; in modem Zug-zug, see Shagging the
domain, 38. Halt Dead spell, 42. Miner Creation spell, 44. games, 43. GM.
Clown spell, 40-41. Heel spell, 42. Miner Image spell, 44.
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